September 24, 2020

Stephanie Nolen

  • Broken April
    Broken April

    Barring the Kurds, the rest of the Iraqis fighting with the coalition are not pleased with American arrogance

  • "I Eat Your Eyes"

    The northern front too opens up, albeit haltingly

  • 'Will Come'
    'Will Come'

    The restive Kurds rejoice at Saddam's imminent fall

  • Waiting For The Good Fight
    Waiting For The Good Fight

    Much of the rest of the world may be against the threatened war. Try telling that to the Kurds.

  • The Look-After-No.1  Drill
    The Look-After-No.1 Drill

    ONGC's Sudan buy is sound in monetary, strategic and energy terms but the civil war there places it in an...

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