May 10, 2021

Srinivas Bhashyam

  • A Fistful Of Ennio
    A Fistful Of Ennio

    With his fusion of genres, unconventional instrumentation and choral flourishes, Morricone changed how...

  • The Last Waltz (English)
    The Last Waltz (English)

    Captures the nostalgic spirit and witty patois of the wounded rock-soldiers in the post-hippie decade.

  • Michael Madana Kamarajan (Tamil)
    Michael Madana Kamarajan (Tamil)

    This laughathon is narrated in cartoonish style and a breathless pace with relentless physical/verbal/visual...

  • Hamsageethe (Kannada)
    Hamsageethe (Kannada)

    It is a melodramatic saga of devotion to art, ambition, ego, betrayal and sacrifice

  • The Triplets Of Belleville French (Animation)
    The Triplets Of Belleville French (Animation)

    A tragi-comic fable with a noir sensibility

  • 'A Personal Journey With URA'
    'A Personal Journey With URA'

    The eminent Kannada film director spoke to Outlook earlier this year on the subject of his documentary...

  • Girish Kasaravalli
    Girish Kasaravalli

    The Kannada filmmaker on winning the Special Jury Award at the 61st National Awards for his documentary on...

  • Srinivas Bhashyam
    Srinivas Bhashyam

    He bridged the North-South divide. He has been a patriotic, not regionalistic person. He sees India as one...

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