November 24, 2020

Soma Wadhwa

  • Naal, Bikaner, Rajasthan
    Naal, Bikaner, Rajasthan

  • Pregnant Silences
    Pregnant Silences

    Pande's odyssey traverses territories that remain inaccessible to most: in remote rural regions, urban slums,...

  • Beastly Cityscapes
    Beastly Cityscapes

    Female foeticide isn't rural India's original sin anymore. The country's urban centres are as cruel, if not...

  • Rising Daughters Inc
    Rising Daughters Inc

    Nisha is not alone. There are many like her all over India. Haggling husbands beware Updates

  • Difficult Customer
    Difficult Customer

    She was your average girl-next-door till she sent her greedy groom back. Now, she's an exemplar of courage...

  • Some Little People In A Big Fight
    Some Little People In A Big Fight

    A few brave souls who have not let their misfortunes get the better of them

  • To Tame The UFOs
    To Tame The UFOs

    Panic and confusion apart, the only positive thing: it's not a superspreader in India Updates

  • What The Law Says
    What The Law Says

    Nothing much, as it disregards complexities

  • How To Beat The Virus
    How To Beat The Virus

    Don't self-medicate with drugs like Nimesulide that lower fever but masks SARS

  • Riding The Riverdale High
    Riding The Riverdale High

    From sprawling luxuries to crummy edu-shops, schools are becoming big business, and spoiling parents for...

  • A Whiff Of Doom
    A Whiff Of Doom

    A rash of suspected cases leads to panic all over Updates

  • Ill Wind Blowing
    Ill Wind Blowing

    It creeps up unannounced and chokes its victim to death. Are we prepared to battle this killer virus? Updates

  • To Bridge The
Information Gap
    To Bridge The Information Gap

  • A Budding Pain
    A Budding Pain

    A competent and first-of-its-kind citizen's report on the state of the nation's children.

  • Hypocratic Practice
    Hypocratic Practice

    That seems to be the case with the Indian health sector. While most doctors toil nobly away, the rotten few...

  • Women On Top
    Women On Top

    It's taken its time, but a quiet revolution has left the ladies' trust holding the reins in the capital

  • Clinical Trial
    Clinical Trial

    Another rape in broad daylight, and fear grips capital's campuses

  • Choosing Their Religion
    Choosing Their Religion

    Rebelling against their baggage of birth, Dalits across India are converting from Hinduism to better their...

  • Less Than Innocent
    Less Than Innocent

    Charges of molestation in an alternate school shocks Delhi

  • The Lightness Of Well-Being
    The Lightness Of Well-Being

    As losing flab gains popularity across India, the slimming industry swells to never-before proportions. But...

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