June 18, 2021

Smruti Koppikar

  • A Tale Of Two Memorials
    A Tale Of Two Memorials

    Competitive identity politics demanding monuments and statues for icons by forcibly "occupying" government...

  • The Devil In The Retail?
    The Devil In The Retail?

    Safeguards in place, FDI in retail may work. Or, we’ll be staring at Frankenstein’s monster.

  • The ‘J’ Factor?
    The ‘J’ Factor?

    Journalist Jigna’s arrest stuns the fraternity

  • State Of Play
    State Of Play

    The Vidarbha movement is set to get another fillip

  • A Costly Picture
    A Costly Picture

    Rs 100 cr in damages for a wrong photo

  • The Blood Meridian
    The Blood Meridian

    What’s behind the spurt in violent crimes in Mumbai?

  • The Mach III Mavericks
    The Mach III Mavericks

    The free market and the internet help youth redefine ‘bold’

  • The Khadakwasla Manoeuvre
    The Khadakwasla Manoeuvre

    The Maharashtra bypoll result has been a big boost for the BJP, a big blow for NCP’s Ajit Pawar

  • The Cop With The Key
    The Cop With The Key

    Under-arrest IPS man Bhatt may still script riots case endgame

  • Hell Holes
    Hell Holes

    Gujarat’s Muslim riot victims can’t even dream of closure

  • Back To Deuce?
    Back To Deuce?

    Do Modi and BJP really have reason to celebrate the Supreme Court order?

  • Last-Over Six?
    Last-Over Six?

    Polls ahead spur BMC into delayed action

  • Butterflies For Brunch
    Butterflies For Brunch

    Mumbai’s khau galis have become collateral damage. And the city is all the poorer for it.

  • IM-Printed...

    Convenient fall guys or homegrown terrorists? Who are the Indian Mujahideen?

  • Maximum Seismicity
    Maximum Seismicity

    As his city becomes a recurrent victim of terror, the Mumbaikar sinks deeper into fatalistic acceptance

  • Resigned To The Nitty-Gritty
    Resigned To The Nitty-Gritty

    By getting out of the picture, Murli Deora paves an ‘untainted’ path for his son

  • The Intrepid Reporter
    The Intrepid Reporter

    Dey’s killing is among the growing attacks on those striving to expose bitter truths

  • A Sezpool Of Factors
    A Sezpool Of Factors

    Once leading the SEZ revolution, now Maharashtra is backing out or going slow

  • A Realty Show
    A Realty Show

    Kripa Shankar Singh eludes investigation

  • Dead Of Night
    Dead Of Night

    Modi’s role is unmasked again, but Gujarat riots SIT isn’t looking

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