September 19, 2020

Shuchi Srivastava

  • A City On The Styx
    A City On The Styx

    The factory waste is choking the life out of Vapi. Worse disasters seem impending.

  • Blame It On Panjim
    Blame It On Panjim

    Prudery scuppered some carnival glitz, but Goa and Brazil are coming closer

  • The Roaring 20s
    The Roaring 20s

    Cities have teams, and teams have owners. Can club culture take root in cricket and rake in the dough?

  • "We'll Set Up Shop In Mandis"

    President and CEO of Reliance Retail says his company is ready for all eventualities

  • Flight To Kanchrapara
    Flight To Kanchrapara

    Cheap real estate in sleepy towns spurs rush for low-cost airports

  • The Powder That Chokes
    The Powder That Chokes

    Health norms be damned. India may lift the ban on asbestos mining.

  • Spotless Minds
    Spotless Minds

    For those challenged, specially cognitive robots are universal

  • The Ritz Has Wings
    The Ritz Has Wings

    In-flight opulence and economy meet in the A380

  • Thermal Barriers
    Thermal Barriers

    The unparalleled bull run was creating anxiety, hence the check on hot money

  • Hovering In A Haze
    Hovering In A Haze

    Did the proponents of the AI-Indian merger fail in weighing its pros and cons?

  • People's Pulse
    People's Pulse

    What makes this sarkari hospital extraordinary? Its angel docs' ability to feel the...

  • Planet Uranus: A Myth?
    Planet Uranus: A Myth?

    Need we nuke reliance on conventional sources? The pros & cons.

  • Shots Of Mortar
    Shots Of Mortar

    Charged with cartelisation, it's judgement day for cement firms

  • Make Mine A Double
    Make Mine A Double

    Foreign spirits may come cheaper. Cheers!

  • Where Plants Grow
    Where Plants Grow

    Business is booming down south, MNCs queue up at its centres

  • Who's The Real Maharajah?
    Who's The Real Maharajah?

    Kingfisher and Jet are going all out in a bid to rule the Indian skies. The royal scion may have to abdicate...

  • Lotus In The Muck
    Lotus In The Muck

    US patents for yoga products raise a storm. Can India contest them?

  • Wing Control
    Wing Control

    As carriers consolidate, there will be rationalistation in air fares

  • Ol' McDonald Had A Charm
    Ol' McDonald Had A Charm

    Even in agricultural education, management rather than research is the area of interest for youngsters

  • The Acid Wash Effect
    The Acid Wash Effect

    A government/industry nexus is giving leeway to Dow in the Union Carbide wrangle. Why?

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