June 22, 2021

Shovon Chowdhury

  • In The Cutting Room
    In The Cutting Room

    A brilliant novel has a three-pronged approach to terrifying madness

  • We Asked Them For Stories
    We Asked Them For Stories

    You will, woncha? By mid-October? While the goddess is straw still?.... Oh, but to count the bellows of the...

  • On That Barren Stretch
    On That Barren Stretch

    Engineeers fix things. They need to be cherished. Ideally by girls.

  • A Peddler Called John Company
    A Peddler Called John Company

    Amitav Ghosh's cosmopolitan-colonial world bursts into life with the fog of war, individual destinies, camp...

  • Live From Freedom Struggle!
    Live From Freedom Struggle!

    When men were men, and the Brits were nervous. How would the titans have used social media?

  • Narayanpore Needs A Slut Walk
    Narayanpore Needs A Slut Walk

    A comic stage, underlying serious themes, is set up in a fictional Bengal constituency

  • Shovon Chowdhury
    Shovon Chowdhury

  • Point Is In Numbers
    Point Is In Numbers

    An alumni event of Calcutta’s mighty South Point is a crush of thousands

  • Insulting The Chinese
    Insulting The Chinese

    'We must show them that we are not afraid of them by insulting them. We must cause them to lose face. Once...

  • RU4 Real?
    RU4 Real?

    Magic food machines, mood organs, cyborgs and Weasley-like cars! In this world, imagination is the only limit.

  • Divide And Rule
    Divide And Rule

    One is fascinated to learn a number of new things from Balbir Punj, including the dark machinations behind...

  • Douglas Adams, The Radio and Sandwiches
    Douglas Adams, The Radio and Sandwiches

    Why we should always be grateful to radio – even if we don't listen that much

  • McCann A Scapegoat?
    McCann A Scapegoat?

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