March 31, 2020

Shiraz Sidhva

  • Days And Nights Of The Locusts
    Days And Nights Of The Locusts

    The passions, hopes and betrayals of a tortured land is reopened in its raw luridness

  • How Big Is Georgetown?
    How Big Is Georgetown?

    It's America versus the rest of the world again. This time over WMDs Updates

  • The 'Lone' Superpower
    The 'Lone' Superpower

    America's going all out to get requisite support in the UN but will have its way even if it doesn't More...

  • Purchasing Power
    Purchasing Power

    The US uses the aid card to muster support on Iraq

  • When Hawks Soar And Doves Cry
    When Hawks Soar And Doves Cry

    It's you're either with us or against us again. And nobody wants to be against the US. More Coverage

  • Paperwork Missile
    Paperwork Missile

    Saddam submits a dossier to the UN but it's Arabic to most, and leaves Washington the least convinced about...

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