March 09, 2021

Shekhar Ghosh

  • The Best Deal On Wheels?
    The Best Deal On Wheels?

    Several years and numerous rumours later, Tata's small wonder, the Indica, is here

  • It's Here... Late, But Not Dead
    It's Here... Late, But Not Dead

    Politics dampened cheer over buybacks, but it could boost markets

  • The World Is My Web
    The World Is My Web

    Indian Netpreneurs are only beginning to trawl the future. The first success stories.

  • Units Of Despair
    Units Of Despair

    The US-64 fiasco affects 2.5 crore investors; it could break the spine of Indian stockmarkets

  • Talking About Weather
    Talking About Weather

    Five years after Latur, India's first disaster management info-network is in place

  • A Tiny Flicker Of Hope
    A Tiny Flicker Of Hope

    The stockmarket is beginning to look up as experts speak of a turnaround

  • Juggle The Risk, Pass The Baton
    Juggle The Risk, Pass The Baton

    A Take-out Finance scheme makes loans easier for infrastructure

  • Not Interested
    Not Interested

    Banks are flush with funds but why are they reluctant to give loans?

  • Paying Their Dues At Last?
    Paying Their Dues At Last?

    Bigger cases and names may follow the tough sentence on Hiten Dalal and Saranthan Mohan

  • Well, The Name's Bond
    Well, The Name's Bond

    Resurgent India Bonds spell gains for the NRIs and the government, but what of the economy?

  • Sparkling Yet Again
    Sparkling Yet Again

    India's exports of cut, polished diamonds see a resurgence

  • Going Down, Down, Down
    Going Down, Down, Down

    Trouble looms over the horizon as Telco and Tisco, the two flagships of the Tata empire, falter

  • Doubly Damned
    Doubly Damned

    The government feels markets are overreacting to Moody's downgrade. It's hopelessly wrong.

  • Can Afford To Sink A Bit
    Can Afford To Sink A Bit

    Post-sanction panic drives the rupee down, helping the overvalued currency find its own level

  • Now, Defuse
    Now, Defuse

    Can the budget meet the challenge of curbs

  • Chinese Coke, Anyone?
    Chinese Coke, Anyone?

    Foreign manufacturers are selling at low prices in many sectors—jeopardising domestic industry

  • About Unfair Leverages
    About Unfair Leverages

    Did India's most admired company, Lever, cheat the public through insider trading?

  • Who'll Play Doctor?
    Who'll Play Doctor?

    Industry and investors keep their fingers crossed over the new finance minister

  • A Polished Boot
    A Polished Boot

    The End comes in different ways: over dinner, over the fax or just a note

  • Saffronomics '98
    Saffronomics '98

    The Sangh parivar speaks in different tongues on economic policies, but the BJP treads the middle path on...

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