May 17, 2021

Sheela Reddy

  • A Nice Boy To Know (Really)
    A Nice Boy To Know (Really)

    The historysheet of a man now comfortable in his political skin

  • A Nose For Politics
    A Nose For Politics

    Outlook accompanies Indira's campaigning granddaughter

  • 'I Met Robert When I Was Just Thirteen'
    'I Met Robert When I Was Just Thirteen'

    Q: What do you predict for the Congress in this election? A: 'It's touch and go'

  • Waist Slide Story
    Waist Slide Story

    Elvis and Jacko wouldn't have had to try hard: perilously low-slung jeans with below-belt peek-a-boo are here...

  • Arbiter At The Gates
    Arbiter At The Gates

    A political biography cobbled together from secondary sources explains how Sonia grew into her true calling

  • At Which Time Dilip Became Rahman
    At Which Time Dilip Became Rahman

    The Music and the Maker, the maestro's faith in Islam has found the twain makes for perfect consonance

  • Abraham Verghese
    Abraham Verghese

    The Stanford professor of medicine, on his first foray into fiction

  • Seeing In The Dark
    Seeing In The Dark

    Buddhism returns to its birthplace as urban Indians find in it an emotional anchor for their troubled lives

  • In Vino Veritas
    In Vino Veritas

    The moralist local press almost plays spoiltsport at the third litfest

  • A Daniyal Come To Be Judged
    A Daniyal Come To Be Judged

    Enter a half-Pakistani, half-American gentleman-farmer-writer

  • Happy Go Roundabout
    Happy Go Roundabout

    For some people, it's the default state of being. The rest of us are still learning.

  • 'It Must Be A Mistake'
    'It Must Be A Mistake'

    An anonymous 25-year-old laid off by an IT firm tells his story

  • And Clay Was Cast
    And Clay Was Cast

    For these eminent people, that first teenage year shaped ripening dreams

  • A Couple Of Syllables
    A Couple Of Syllables

    The muse struck Kapil Sibal in geekish guise. A nano poet awakened.

  • Bye Bye Halo
    Bye Bye Halo

    An honest-shrewd politician, shorn of his halo, has emerged post the trust vote debacle

  • The Wild Circus
    The Wild Circus

    Tiger-bereft Sariska gets its stripes. But is the experiment a costly gamble?

  • The Privileged Self
    The Privileged Self

    Alive to the debates of the day, averse to extremes. She's a historian... and the PM's daughter.

  • 'Democracy Is Now Psephocracy'
    'Democracy Is Now Psephocracy'

    The famously trenchant political psychologist on being charged with criminal offence by the Gujarat police...

  • Who Let The Kids Out?
    Who Let The Kids Out?

    Teen India: younger, smarter, more trouble than ever before. How will we ever cope?

  • The Saga Is Dodoesque
    The Saga Is Dodoesque

    India has 78 species of its birds at risk, 13 of them gravely so

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