May 17, 2021

Sheela Reddy

  • Vote For Baba Ramdev?
    Vote For Baba Ramdev?

    It’s not really the joke it seems. The yoga guru is voicing a mass sentiment. It’s getting him attention,...

  • There Is No Other Way
    There Is No Other Way

    Dr Binayak Sen resisted every effort to make this a personal story, insisting it is everyman’s

  • Kishwar Desai
    Kishwar Desai

    Her thriller Witness the Night wins the Costa First Book Award, a prestigious UK literary prize

  • ‘Now, Economic Change Will Drive Indian Politics’
    ‘Now, Economic Change Will Drive Indian Politics’

    The author of India: A Portrait—An Intimate Biography of 1.2 Billion People on the many unpredictable ways...

  • Harbour Of Good Hope
    Harbour Of Good Hope

    Visakhapatnam’s tryst with destiny has been too long in the making

  • Dial D For Denims
    Dial D For Denims

    Muzaffarnagar girls are standing up for their jeans and cellphones

  • The Word Become Flesh
    The Word Become Flesh

    The Sunset Club, says the indefatigable Khushwant Singh, 96, is his swansong. Or so he says.

  • Rajinder’s Tikka Khanate
    Rajinder’s Tikka Khanate

    Along the way, a dhaba that crossed our path has grown up

  • The Cobra Goes To Greece
    The Cobra Goes To Greece

    The indefatigable King of Sting is back with another yarn of match -fixing in chariot races and gory deaths

  • Wisps Of Trout
    Wisps Of Trout

    If you want the music turned down, as we did, then you are too old for Smoke House Deli.

  • Churchill’s Famine?
    Churchill’s Famine?

    A new book indicts Britain’s wartime PM for millions of deaths in the 1943 Bengal famine

  • The Commune Of Roots
    The Commune Of Roots

    The lonely, atomised farmer? There’s a new ilk out there—sharing, learning, and reaping.

  • Geeta Anand
    Geeta Anand

    The Pulitzer prize-winning Wall Street Journal reporter on her book, The Cure, which inspired the Hollywood...

  • ‘Development Is A Contraceptive’
    ‘Development Is A Contraceptive’

    India’s foremost demographer explains how India ended up with the world’s largest population despite 60...

  • Javier Moro
    Javier Moro

    A month after his book on Sonia Gandhi raised a storm, the author reflects on The Red Sari

  • ‘Khaps Have To Reform’
    ‘Khaps Have To Reform’

    What explains the phenomenon of rising violence against couples flouting rules of arranged marriages?

  • Drukonian Moves
    Drukonian Moves

    Bhutan is swearing by happiness. But is it such a good thing?

  • Madam Mossless
    Madam Mossless

    The ’70s feminist icon looks back with pride

  • On Your Mercs
    On Your Mercs

    Driving a Merc is Aurangabad’s way of telling the world they’re not backward

  • Rana Dasgupta
    Rana Dasgupta

    On winning the Commonwealth Writers’ best book prize for Solo

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