May 27, 2020

Shashi Tharoor

  • A Paradox And A Visionary
    A Paradox And A Visionary

    Nayantara Sahgal’s biography of Nehru is uncritical, yet thought-provoking and fresh

  • What The Hack!
    What The Hack!

    The media would do well to heed political and world events than affaires d’amour

  • 'My Conscience Is Clear'
    'My Conscience Is Clear'

    'I have done nothing improper or unethical, let alone illegal. Nonetheless, in view of the ongoing political...

  • 'Nothing To Do With Me'
    'Nothing To Do With Me'

    ' I could not have any role in influencing the final outcome of a sealed bidding process'

  • 'Extraordinary Breach Of All Propriety'
    'Extraordinary Breach Of All Propriety'

    'I deny Mr Lalit Modi’s allegation that I called him during his meeting with investors in the Kochi...

  • 'Cannot Afford To Have A Relationship Of Antagonism'
    'Cannot Afford To Have A Relationship Of Antagonism'

    'The Government of India does not view China or China’s development as a threat. We have always tried to...

  • Why Foreign Policy Matters
    Why Foreign Policy Matters

    Our choice is clear: we must be globally active if we are to create and maintain the society we want at home....

  • A Fancy Bird
Too Heavy To Fly
    A Fancy Bird Too Heavy To Fly

    There's a lot here—dysfunctional Muslims, the magic of numbers, psychotic depression. But terrorism? No.

  • Brand New Delhi
    Brand New Delhi

    It is far and away India's richest city, its people are open and outward looking. They may have forgotten...

  • The UNDisputed Fact
    The UNDisputed Fact

    The Iraq crisis has created a large number of casualties, and some suggest that the United Nations should be...

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