July 26, 2021

Shantanu Guha Ray

  • Honour Restored
    Honour Restored

    There are lessons to be learnt from Michael Mascarenhas' troubles

  • Mantris Battle Babus...…But Who Dares Wins
    Mantris Battle Babus...…But Who Dares Wins

    'It is not enough to tell the industrialists to pay back the money they took in 1997. Who is going to bear...

  • The New Cheerleader
    The New Cheerleader

    Forget infotech, the latest Indian industry to soar despite the generally bleak weather is liquor

  • 'India Should Market Itself Well'
    'India Should Market Itself Well'

    Dr Abdul Kalam on integrated development projects, his focus on the children of India and more...

  • No Durga Puja In 2002?
    No Durga Puja In 2002?

    And Two In 2003? But most likely, since Mammon and markets rule more than the planetary positions, we'd end...

  • Beckham & Toast
    Beckham & Toast

    Thanks to live television, the new heroes for Indian fans come from across the seas

  • Vikram Bakshi
    Vikram Bakshi

    McDonald India’s ceo on five years of business in India and its future plans

  • Spoils Of War
    Spoils Of War

    Spurred by the racial backlash in the US and war uncertainties, NRIs are sending more money back home

  • A Script To Regain Primetime
    A Script To Regain Primetime

    Will plans to revamp the broadcaster turn out a soap opera?

  • Turbulent Air Pockets
    Turbulent Air Pockets

    In this disaster year, it is the passenger who'll feel the pinch

  • The Real Picture
    The Real Picture

    Fudged categories and manipulated figures: that has been the basis for TV adspend

  • Kanjeevarams From Kansas, Anyone?
    Kanjeevarams From Kansas, Anyone?

    Basmati was just Round 1. The fight for the next phase—India's herbal wealth and traditional wisdom—is on.

  • Junkyard Scrapped
    Junkyard Scrapped

    Alang shipbreakers look westwards as orders stop coming

  • A Box Of Stale Biscuits
    A Box Of Stale Biscuits

    And a brother sips from the wrong cup

  • Closed Encounters
    Closed Encounters

    With claims and counter-claims flying high, the real story behind the scam may never come out

  • Just A Tad Tipsi
    Just A Tad Tipsi

    Pepsi-Coke find new rivals in rural Rajasthan: fake colas

  • "UTI Is Too Huge For Rapid Changes"

    Newly appointed UTI chairman M. Damodaran admits he is in the hot seat. But he is quick to add that changes...

  • Scripts For Disaster
    Scripts For Disaster

    After UTI, it's now the turn of IFCI and IDBI to be teetering on the brink of collapse

  • Unit Rust Of India
    Unit Rust Of India

    It followed fads when it should have led the way. And thus put the fate of 2 crore investors at stake.

  • Biz Buzz
    Biz Buzz

    Where is Ketan Parekh? Massive manhunt for the missing Bombay Big Bull. PMO men in UTI scam? Intellectuals in...

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