July 25, 2021

Shameem Akhtar

  • Proofing God's Screenplay
    Proofing God's Screenplay

    Hereditary disorders can now be detected in a test -tube embryo in india and abore

  • The Zero Sum Game
    The Zero Sum Game

    He may lack the charisma of Amitabh, but Kher hopes his bald charm will see Zee's show through

  • The Great Gambler
    The Great Gambler

    Star Plus is spending crores to make moneybags out of us Indians. But will 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' deliver...

  • Pumping Facts
    Pumping Facts

    If you're a victim already, repent and recuperate. This one goes out for the uninitiated: if you're...

  • Bachchanalia

    Being his dad’s son weighs heavy on his shoulders. But Abhishek’s ready for it.

  • Caffeine For The Soul
    Caffeine For The Soul

    Don't blame your insomnia on coffee or tea. Moderate doses of both beverages help you fight greater evils.

  • A Dog To Pet
    A Dog To Pet

    Nothing’s rotten about the Rottweiler. Only its reputation.

  • The Katha Of The Big O, Retold
    The Katha Of The Big O, Retold

    Shedding the shroud of prudery, Indian women are increasingly seeking professional advice for sexual...

  • Me, You And B&W
    Me, You And B&W

    From chiaroscurist J.H. Thakker's studio come frozen timepieces of Bombay film's golden era

  • Kaho Na Star Hai
    Kaho Na Star Hai

    Success has come easily to him, but Hrithik Roshan isn’t about to let it go to his head

  • The New Formula
    The New Formula

    Learning to make flops pay

  • At The Three Zero Opera
    At The Three Zero Opera

    Goa lived up to its hype as a millennium hotspot, but it was low-key elsewhere

  • Evil Is Near
    Evil Is Near

    The Priyadarshini Mattoo case has taken farcical turns. And stalking is a larger menance. How can these...

  • Abiding Strength
    Abiding Strength

    The Indian family, like the many faces of Eve, is embodied in a single entity - togetherness. It is...

  • Tough Nuts
    Tough Nuts

    Techno-savvy, politically correct but completely apolitical. That's Generation 2000 for you.

  • At Saathi, They Take Care Of Society's Driftwood And Harness It
    At Saathi, They Take Care Of Society's Driftwood And Harness It

  • Dream Team
    Dream Team

    Co-branding adds fizz to HSSH, and tinseltown

  • Restoring A Slice Of History
    Restoring A Slice Of History

    Gaekwad royals plan to resurrect memories of Raja Ravi Varma

  • War As The Muse
    War As The Muse

    Books, serials, music— Kargil spawns a string of productions

  • Shakin' Mover
    Shakin' Mover

    That's Shekhar Suman. A TV star as big as the film stars. The highest-paid and the busiest.

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