June 11, 2021

Sergei Strokan

  • A Caspian Of Spilt Blood
    A Caspian Of Spilt Blood

    Moment of truth for Putin? Or the Chechens? For the Russians certainly, who want the festering wound healed...

  • The Iron Curtain Falls...
    The Iron Curtain Falls...

    Muscovites applaud Putin's daring but not his method. They also stand divided on Chechnya. More Coverage

  • Cold Hearth, New Fire
    Cold Hearth, New Fire

    Russia, India see reason for a common voice

  • Notes From A Mindwar
    Notes From A Mindwar

    Russian soldiers, who served in Afghanistan, warn the Americans about the hell-hole

  • Malgudi : Sleepless In Swamitown
    Malgudi : Sleepless In Swamitown

    The only time a train stopped here for over two minutes was for Gandhi, in 1937.

  • The Wildcard Czar
    The Wildcard Czar

    He’s come out from the cold, but Putin’s real tests lie ahead

  • Dagestan’s Riposte
    Dagestan’s Riposte

    The spectre of Islamic counter- terrorism stares Russia in the face

  • Meltdown At The Kremlin
    Meltdown At The Kremlin

    As Russia faces its worst crisis, is anyone in charge?

  • Why Russia Is Fretting
    Why Russia Is Fretting

    Russia arms its frontiers, Iran rubbishes Taliban's 'Islamic' credo

  • Migs That Weren't
    Migs That Weren't

    Russia loses $237 million in a fake MiG deal with India

  • Moscow Looks Eastward
    Moscow Looks Eastward

    Stung by the American snub on NATO expansion, Moscow hunts for new strategic partners

  • Access Denied
    Access Denied

    The US backtracks on computer tech to Russia for N-research

  • A Determined Salesman
    A Determined Salesman

    Moscow is unfazed by US pressure to kill the reactor deal

  • Breakaway Vote
    Breakaway Vote

    A separatist president spells trouble for Moscow

  • The Terror Within
    The Terror Within

    As organised crime continues to spread its tentacles, a corrupt and co-opted administration seems hardly up...

  • The Sinking Babyflots
    The Sinking Babyflots

    Struggling to survive, Aeroflot’s many offshoot airliners often compromise with safety norms

  • The Sacked General
    The Sacked General

    Out of the Kremlin, Lebed may pose a greater danger to Yeltsin

  • Travails Of The New Tsar
    Travails Of The New Tsar

    Neither President Yeltsin nor the Russian economy are in good health. Then, there's Chechnya.

  • Doubts Mushroom
    Doubts Mushroom

    Russians are in a dilemma over India's refusal to sign the CTBT

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