July 29, 2021

S.D. Kapur

  • Placating The Disgruntled
    Placating The Disgruntled

    With the finance and foreign ministries swapped, the much touted "mother of cabinet reshuffles" accommodates...

  • Good Cop, Bad Cop
    Good Cop, Bad Cop

    BJP has finally exploded yet another myth about its allies that while a "moderate" like Vajpayee may be...

  • 'Kashmir Is Not The Core Issue'
    'Kashmir Is Not The Core Issue'

    The foreign minister says silence is expressive enunciation and spells out the Indian position without taking...

  • Militants In Mosque
    Militants In Mosque

    The stand-off continues as LeT militants refuse to surrender and authorities rule out 'safe passage'.

  • 'Coffee, Smoke Signals and Shopping'
    'Coffee, Smoke Signals and Shopping'

    The former Pakistan prime minister, accused of corruption charges, is pessimistic about Musharraf-Vajpayee...

  • Historic Successive Win For Labour
    Historic Successive Win For Labour

    Tony Blair defies history and leads Labour to a successive victory.

  • Advani In Ammaland
    Advani In Ammaland

    The home minister on swadeshi outlook in economic reforms, Hurriyat and much else

  • Probe Panel Begins Work
    Probe Panel Begins Work

    The 'probe' finally begins but the public mood is sceptical

  • 'Wrong Attitude'
    'Wrong Attitude'

    The General says Pakistan-based jihadi groups are "wrong and immature" in opposing his India visit but...

  • India Promises 'Fullest Support And Cooperation'
    India Promises 'Fullest Support And Cooperation'

    President Narayanan and Prime Minister Vajpayee hark back to old friendship

  • Kathmandu Tense But Peaceful, Indians Worried
    Kathmandu Tense But Peaceful, Indians Worried

    The probe is not going to produce any conclusive proof, and the public doesn't like it.

  • 'Indian Agent, Indian Agent, Indian Agent ...'
    'Indian Agent, Indian Agent, Indian Agent ...'

    The cheif of MQM threatens to write an open letter to Indian muslims and to begin talks with Indian prime...

  • 'India Is The Main Conspirator'
    'India Is The Main Conspirator'

    The conspiracy-theorists are having a field day as Pakistani press joins the battle.

  • Whodunnit?

    The plot thickens - Dipendra had bullet wounds on his back; conspiracy theories abound as public turns...

  • So What Happened Exactly?
    So What Happened Exactly?

    No body knows for sure, but it seems it was a dispute over Dipendra's marriage-plans.

  • Indo-Pak Dialogue Affected
    Indo-Pak Dialogue Affected

    With SAARC standing committee meet postponed, Indian and Pakistani foreign offices will have to look to...

  • 'A Liberal Monarch'
    'A Liberal Monarch'

    The country grieves as its king is allegedly killed by his son, the heir apparent.

  • King Again
    King Again

    King Birendra's younger brother who had ruled briefly between 1950-51 cannot be the official king till his...

  • "India grieves with Nepal"

    Indians shocked, express grief and apprehensive about developments.

  • Nepal: A Country In Crisis
    Nepal: A Country In Crisis

    A time-line of its chequered history

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