November 24, 2020

Savitri Choudhury

  • Dawn In Blackboard Jungle
    Dawn In Blackboard Jungle

    A trust that enlists corporate support to give state-run schools a makeover

  • How A Man Became An NPA
    How A Man Became An NPA

    GTB's Ramesh Gelli played the game well: only bent the rules

  • Global Trust Burst
    Global Trust Burst

    The Oriental Bank of Commerce taking over Global Trust Bank may save the depositors. The small shareholders...

  • Long, Hard Haul
    Long, Hard Haul

    The suicides won't stop. The state wants Rs 3,190 crore from the Centre. But will the money reach the farmer?

  • Have Gun, Will Shoot
    Have Gun, Will Shoot

  • Till Debt Do Us Apart
    Till Debt Do Us Apart

    Fifty farmers have committed suicide in the last two weeks. Is new CM YSR up to handling the situation?

  • Reform The Reforms?
    Reform The Reforms?

    For the man on the street, the BJP's roads and dollars show held little shine

  • Chalo Hyderabad
    Chalo Hyderabad

    While Naidu was flying high in choppers, YSR walked from home to home in rural Andhra. It has paid off.

  • See You, CEO
    See You, CEO

    Not many expected such a backlash by angry voters. Certainly not Naidu. Updates

  • Wither Report
    Wither Report

    They aren't even calling it drought. But a large belt of India is drying to dust.

  • 'Development Is Sexy'
    'Development Is Sexy'

    As elections issues go, no party can forego economic growth now. Is it an idea whose time has come? Or will...

  • The CEO In Crosshairs
    The CEO In Crosshairs

    Naidu and the BJP feels the PW's anti-electoral heat

  • Enemy At The Gate
    Enemy At The Gate

    The Congress messes up in AP and Karnataka. In Orissa, it already had.

  • The Footpath Queen
    The Footpath Queen

    Sonia's reinvention takes her to the very heart of AP. Will it beat for her party? Updates.

  • Slaves In Draconia
    Slaves In Draconia

    Ordinary folks—minors, farmers, minorities—fall prey to POTA for no fault of theirs

  • Found A Friend
    Found A Friend

    The Congress has finally shaken hands with the TRS. Worried, Naidu? Updates

  • The Lost Sheep
    The Lost Sheep

    The colour of your collar doesn't matter when it comes to sharing the debt burden of sleep

  • Second Uprising
    Second Uprising

    Telangana separatists may hurt TDP-BJP real bad

  • The Truth, Not Out!
    The Truth, Not Out!

    Something about the Abhijit Kale affair doesn't make sense. Is he a victim? Updates

  • The Dice Rolls In Bidda's
    The Dice Rolls In Bidda's

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