June 15, 2021
Sanjay Suri

Sanjay Suri

  • The Story I Did Not Report In ’84
    The Story I Did Not Report In ’84

    On the day Bhindranwale was declared killed, I, a Hindu stranger, was at his house. No one killed me for...

  • Affidavit Before Mishra Commission
    Affidavit Before Mishra Commission

    'Outside the gurdwara I saw a crowd of about 4,000 men led by Congress-I leader Kamal Nath... I saw the...

  • Statement Before Nanavati Commission
    Statement Before Nanavati Commission

    'I had noticed that Mr.Kamalnath was controlling the crowd and the crowd was looking to him for directions'

  • A Bully For You
    A Bully For You

    Musharraf, in exile, hasn’t lost his bluster. The West, at least, pays him lip service.

  • Demo Grafix
    Demo Grafix

    LGBTs in Britain hail the Indian victory, but the community's fight is far from over

  • Brownian Notions
    Brownian Notions

    The prejudice NRIs exhibit is more complex than what they face

  • In The Chocolate Factory
    In The Chocolate Factory

    Hundred of crores stashed in Swiss tax havens. How much of it is true and what can we do to get our money...

  • The Dandi Diaspora
    The Dandi Diaspora

    Cause and effect. Indian expertise in civil society problems gives them a global edge.

  • Foreign Correspondent
    Foreign Correspondent

    The White Tiger has earned Adiga his stripes, but not all are convinced

  • N-Tape: Side A, Side B
    N-Tape: Side A, Side B

    The deal is needed, but India had better be honourable about testing

  • Fission Europa
    Fission Europa

    The N-energy experience of Europe is a lesson for India

  • 1857: The Company Memos
    1857: The Company Memos

    Empire? No, that was just a typo in the terms of the contract

  • Coming Home To Africa
    Coming Home To Africa

    Thirty-nine years after Idi Amin, Indians are flocking to Uganda

  • The Return Ticket
    The Return Ticket

    A licensed host has to ensure his invitees leave the UK in time

  • The Guilt Code
    The Guilt Code

    Britain's new catch-all terror laws are crafting a police state

  • The Tax Mole Hunt
    The Tax Mole Hunt

    FM asks for details of Indian account-holders

  • The Yielding Bastions: For A Fairer Deal
    The Yielding Bastions: For A Fairer Deal

    By varying routes, nations worldwide are opting for women's quotas in parliaments

  • Chaabi Kho Jaaye
    Chaabi Kho Jaaye

    The padlock is fitting—he's found his gal. Finally. But doesn't the very act make him the wrong guy?

  • Sir Talk-A-Lot
    Sir Talk-A-Lot

    Is it Rushdie's worst yet? Or is overblown fabulism out of fashion?

  • Hope And Mourning In Merseyside
    Hope And Mourning In Merseyside

    The pride of British roads now symbolises a definite loss. Tata Motors will be watched closely.

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