May 17, 2021

Sandipan Deb

Editor--Magazines, The Indian Express Group. Formerly Managing Editor, Outlook, and Editor, Outlook Money

  • Exclusivity Kills The CAT
    Exclusivity Kills The CAT

    Sandipan Deb advocates throwing open IIMs' gates to more students

  • Mrinal, Mise En Scene
    Mrinal, Mise En Scene

    Not afraid of being wrong, Sen pens a candid memoir, recounting what spurs his creativity

  • In Apu's World
    In Apu's World

    Forget the montage and the mise en scene, the fade-outs and the jump cuts, Ray performed the basic duty of a...

  • What If Pather Panchali  Hadn't Been Made?
    What If Pather Panchali Hadn't Been Made?

    Excerpts from a May 10, 1986 interview: Last Monday, Satyajit Ray announced that he would step down as...

  • Writing Calastrophe
    Writing Calastrophe

    Eleven acclaimed writers come to Calcutta, but can only capture its aspects, not its essence

  • Webbed Feat
    Webbed Feat

    Kunzru combines the real with the virtual to spin a splendid cyberyarn

  • Middle March
    Middle March

    He presented the 'dream budget' in '97 but never really got the kudos. Is it encore time for P. Chidambaram?

  • Convergent Cinema
    Convergent Cinema

    A cinema where, in the grand and gentle tradition of India, heritage and modernity, the East and the West,...

  • Goodbye IIMs
    Goodbye IIMs

    The decision to dramatically reduce the fees is unnecessary, stupid and dangerous. While his government...

  • Cub Lord Of The Winks
    Cub Lord Of The Winks

    A rollercoaster ride through a fantasy world, abrim with mythological, comicbook allusion

  • Druid Of India
    Druid Of India

    Underdogs. Chokers. Bad finishers. For now, Dravid erases these old epithets of the Indian cricket team.

  • No, Mr Minister!
    No, Mr Minister!

    After history and school syllabi, Joshi wants complete control over IITs and IIMs. [Upset? Sign this...

  • Sikandar... Nay, Porus
    Sikandar... Nay, Porus

    From Borneo to Georgia, from Kabul to Minsk. The empire of dreams expands.

  • Womancipation

    How liberated is the Urban Indian Woman? She is at five stages in the journey to the destination.

  • Matrix Revolution
    Matrix Revolution

    This must be the biggest letdown in cinema history

  • Kuch Kuch Hota Tha
    Kuch Kuch Hota Tha

    Movies used to be magic. But was it worth it, all that time and money?

  • Moving Stills
    Moving Stills

    Searches out the film industry's unknown soldiers. Always interesting, often illuminating.

  • The 'Chandra' I Met
    The 'Chandra' I Met

  • Neo Realism
    Neo Realism

    Cyberpunk postmodernism, classicism, Judaeo-Christian messianism, Zen, False Consciousness, leather. That's...

  • No Escape, Left Or Right
    No Escape, Left Or Right

    The article Secrets Of The Shrine on the excavation findings has been accused of being untrue and...

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