June 23, 2021

Salman Haidar

  • Delhicide Once More
    Delhicide Once More

    The Games frenzy is strangling the capital’s frame and soul

  • India, The Antiseptic
    India, The Antiseptic

    Pakistan's not the best of our friends, but India should play stabiliser

  • Body Solstice
    Body Solstice

    Hosseini may not make memorable characters but he does tell memorable tales. Yet this is thinner gruel, less...

  • Ashoka Vs Chanakya
    Ashoka Vs Chanakya

    An account of individuals who, in Dixit's view, made a special contribution to foreign policy.

  • The Nth Moment
    The Nth Moment

    A pioneering account of the current mainsprings of India's foreign policy.

  • A Nation On The Unmake
    A Nation On The Unmake

    Two seasoned journos extend a sympathetic but an eyes-wide-open look at Pakistan

  • Sentimental Borders
    Sentimental Borders

    There is a fear that if things calm down in Kashmir while Pakistan stands aside, it’ll lose its...

  • In History's Presence
    In History's Presence

    An insider's perceptive account of the 'Indira is India' era Indira Gandhi, The Emergency and Indian Democracy

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