June 25, 2021
Salil Tripathi

Salil Tripathi

  • Name The Unnameable
    Name The Unnameable

    As writers organise for the ban on The Satanic Verses to be lifted, the battle to undo the damage of the past...

  • Writing The Global Journey
    Writing The Global Journey

    Ghosh’s and Rushdie’s novels don’t mention “globalization,” but the process is understood well

  • Debate, Indian-Style
    Debate, Indian-Style

    As l'affaire Nano shows, change in India takes time, but deliberated upon, the result of a struggle, debate...

  • The Nigerian Angle
    The Nigerian Angle

    While not the sole cause for rising oil prices, unrest in Nigeria, which has reduced production by at least a...

  • Right Protest, Wrong Place
    Right Protest, Wrong Place

    Activists should target the governments backing the junta rather than the companies active in Burma. Why...

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