August 01, 2021

Saira Menezes

  • Kochi Diary
    Kochi Diary

    How do you live in Mumbai? You should have time for friends, live very close to nature and have a good meal...

  • Going Gaga In Goa
    Going Gaga In Goa

    The descending hordes justify its billing as one of the world’s top four millennium destinations

  • Apsara Factory
    Apsara Factory

    Indian beauty ticks at pageants, thanks to the shifting turfs of big international businesses

  • Tough Nuts
    Tough Nuts

    Techno-savvy, politically correct but completely apolitical. That's Generation 2000 for you.

  • Ten Men And An Effigy
    Ten Men And An Effigy

  • Foetal Attractions
    Foetal Attractions

    Navratri revelry allows youngsters an uninhibited freedom they often end up misusing

  • Sunny Deol
    Sunny Deol

    The actor-director puts all controversies behind him to enjoy a bit of 'Dillagi'

  • Losing Their Rhythm
    Losing Their Rhythm

    Indipop arrived with a bang. Now it seems to be on its way out with a pop.


    The UNFPA representative on what the latest world population report signifies

  • Rahul Rawail
    Rahul Rawail

    In an unprecedented move the director of ' Arjun Pandit'sues a film critic

  • Get Set To Party...
    Get Set To Party...

    ...or rue, depending on how advanced your plans for ushering in the millennium in an out-of-the-ordinary way...

  • Hits & Mrs
    Hits & Mrs

    Suffragettes to surrogates - that's the slogan politicians are adopting across the political spectrum for...

  • Voting To Abstain
    Voting To Abstain

    They have the real campaigns and are close to the masses, yet they keep away from elections

  • Anjali Mukherjee
    Anjali Mukherjee

    The dietician on why 'Asiaweek' chose her as Asia's leading health campaigner

  • And When The Levee Breaks...
    And When The Levee Breaks...

    Despite the hype, NBA's Rally for the Valley evoked genuine sentiment over saving the Narmada

  • A House For Mr Khan
    A House For Mr Khan

    After a run-in with the authorities, the star gets his dream home

  • Still Haunted By Hate
    Still Haunted By Hate

    For the nuns raped at Jhabua, the big challenge now is to regain their faith in God and humanity

  • The Zealots Who Would Inherit
    The Zealots Who Would Inherit

    Evangelical hardsell by breakaway Christian sects gives a handle to the saffron brigade

  • Mob Rule
    Mob Rule

    Babri Masjid in 1992. Graham Staines in 1999. Where will it all end for the BJP?

  • Charge Of The C-Brigade
    Charge Of The C-Brigade

    Why see evil only in C-grade films? The small-time Sultans of Sleaze question the disc riminatory attitude of...

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