June 20, 2021
Ruchir Joshi

Ruchir Joshi

  • Budhha Baba, Turn The Cap
    Budhha Baba, Turn The Cap

    Old Monk, the brown sage-head Indian men swear allegiance to

  • Well, They Weren’t Really Eighteen
    Well, They Weren’t Really Eighteen

    Coming of age at 18? No, in India, we do things a little differently. But as blank slates go, the hope is our...

  • The Trojan Horse of Happiness
    The Trojan Horse of Happiness

    Ever since GLIP, or the Great Leap Into Profit, our happiness has fused with the desire for unattainable...

  • The Eye Of The Beholder
    The Eye Of The Beholder

    In the post-porn fantasy world, every man is a stud star, every woman a risque raani

  • Canapé Capers
    Canapé Capers

    There is no more callous, matlabi and blindered creature than a modern art-apparatchik, I suspect not just...

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast

    So why were the waiters so solicitous to our dillittante? "Our third friend, who's looking the most stylishly...

  • Nava Nava Purush
    Nava Nava Purush

    Perhaps it's time to imagine an Indian New Man into existence...

  • Single In New Deloo
    Single In New Deloo

    No need to buy this strange little compilation for your bathroom bookshelf, go read it at a bookstore in...

  • Lndn Smaks Me
    Lndn Smaks Me

    This 343-pg medium-fat-boy comes with plenty of surface sass and shiny digit-beads. Sure, it's kind of...

  • Days Of Wine And Poses
    Days Of Wine And Poses

    It's my theory that, just like a piece of land that shouldn't be over-cultivated, no city should be...

  • Write Of Way
    Write Of Way

    The cherub is standing next to Amit Chaudhuri and it makes a beautifully complete picture--cute Pravasi Bongs...

  • A Place To Hang Your Art
    A Place To Hang Your Art

    While it is too early to proclaim the divide between the arty-ratti and the aam-public extinct, there is a...

  • Bring Back The Movies
    Bring Back The Movies

    Why doesn't going to the multiplex and paying through your nose provide the kind of rush it used to in the...

  • In Memoriam
    In Memoriam

    Dillittante would like to salute the passing of a great fellow Dillittante and Dil-e-Tant, Bhaskar...

  • Shrimati Agatha Christie?
    Shrimati Agatha Christie?

    Okay, somebody please release blood-coloured smoke from the high chimney of Homicide House, for we, at last,...

  • No Free Launches
    No Free Launches

    There has developed in Delhi a connoisseurship of the participatory performance form called the `Booklaunch'....

  • Frame By Frame
    Frame By Frame

    A great natural tragedy bites into a coast equally very far from Batra Hospital and the DU Campus. A a...

  • Scotch Free
    Scotch Free

    Knowing how keenly I feel this lack in my life, a kind friend took me along to a carded launch for a Single...

  • Ageing Like Wine
    Ageing Like Wine

    Girija Devi accompanied by Kishan Maharaj on the tabla. It was cold and the old lady had a slight sore...

  • Chanson d'amour
    Chanson d'amour

    This is not a review column, and furthermore it's a column specifically prohibited from gushing, so why was...

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