June 16, 2021

Rochona Majumdar

  • A Different Bengali Cinema
    A Different Bengali Cinema

    The year saw cinema that portends something novel for Bengal. It portends something new and at the same time...

  •   Wanted: A New Vote Bank
    Wanted: A New Vote Bank

    It is time for “Indian” women to step out as a bloc that demands certain rights for the entirety of the...

  • Where Will It End?
    Where Will It End?

    So the ruling CPI(M) government and party have unleashed a reign of terror in Nandigram. But what about the...

  • In Good Faith
    In Good Faith

    The rapes of Imrana in India, Dr. Shazia Khalid in Pakistan, and most recently a television program called...

  • A Deathly Business
    A Deathly Business

    Many had argued that Dhananjoy's death would set an example to future offenders, but the little factoids that...

  • Thou Shalt Not See
    Thou Shalt Not See

    How are we to understand the ethos of censorship in Bengal? Do the Bengalis shrink away from filmic or other...

  • Give Them Death ... Or Life?
    Give Them Death ... Or Life?

    There isn't a shred of doubt in my mind about the dreadful and ghastly nature of both the crimes that have...

  • Theft Of The Nation
    Theft Of The Nation

    Theft does not have politics. It screams the poverty of politics. It announces to the world that we are so...

  • What's In A Name?
    What's In A Name?

    Recently the 'Women's Studies Center' at the University of Pune was renamed as the 'Women's and Family...

  • Empowerment Or Insult?
    Empowerment Or Insult?

    A man promises to marry a woman. Consequently, they have sex. The man does not marry the woman. The woman...

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