April 16, 2021
R.K. Misra

R.K. Misra

  • Not On My Chair
    Not On My Chair

    CM Anandiben Patel, Amit Shah jockey for position

  • Gujarat Model At Work
    Gujarat Model At Work

    In many ways, the BJP-led Modi government is trying to emulating Modi's projects in Gujarat at a national...

  • Inside Story Of Modi’s Suit Sale
    Inside Story Of Modi’s Suit Sale

    Celebrities can raise stakes to sell suits but a feather-light fabric often betrays a deadly design.

  • Skeletons in Gujarat's Cupboard
    Skeletons in Gujarat's Cupboard

    Make-or-break local government elections are exposing the rot within the state.

  • Ever Heard Of Dhoka Dandiya?
    Ever Heard Of Dhoka Dandiya?

    The Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas held in Gandhinagar was a disappointing show for the 5,000-odd NRIs who attended.

  • Role Reversal
    Role Reversal

    Was it very long ago that our three honourable worthies—Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley and Amit Shah—were...

  • Misplaced Priorities
    Misplaced Priorities

    A 500 crore Mahatama Mandir, a 2000 crore Patel statue, a 65,000 crore bullet train, a bill for compulsory...

  • Modi Myths Vs Hard Facts
    Modi Myths Vs Hard Facts

    While the Prime Minister is now exhorting the nation to set new standards in sanitation, his own record in...

  • The States Of The Nation
    The States Of The Nation

    While railing against the Congress, Modi is actually targeting regional parties. His strategy involves...

  • Snakes & Ladders At Work
    Snakes & Ladders At Work

    The curious reward-and-retribution handouts for top Gujarat cops, babus

  • The Big National Icon Heist
    The Big National Icon Heist

    The Prime Minister seems to be locked in a game of strip poker with the Congress. One by one, he is peeling...

  • Not Quite Milk And Honey
    Not Quite Milk And Honey

    An internecine political battle rages within the BJP for control of milk cooperatives.

  • It’s Open Season On Sabarmati
    It’s Open Season On Sabarmati

    ‘Swachh Bharat’ is an extension of ‘Nirmal Gujarat’, but its cities are no stranger to filth

  • Dump Struck
    Dump Struck

    Cleaning India can’t be a superficial thing. Can Modi choke off our industry of filth?

  • Media In The Modi Era
    Media In The Modi Era

    Having made the rest of media irrelevant, Modi is sharpening the powerful tools of mass reach that are at...

  •  The Strife In Saffron
    The Strife In Saffron

    Why is the spectre of communal trouble in Gujarat, and that too in the PM's former parliamentary...

  • Sabarmati By Moonshine
    Sabarmati By Moonshine

    The farce that is prohibition in Gujarat is well-oiled by bribes

  • Congress Vs Congressmen
    Congress Vs Congressmen

    Modi's prime ministerial candidature remains the unquantified factor with a pull all its own in Gujarat.

  • Twelve Years And Counting
    Twelve Years And Counting

    Nanavaty panel on 2002 riots gets another pass

  • Touched By Sacral Fire
    Touched By Sacral Fire

    Iran Shah Atash Behram Temple: Sacred to the Parsis, it has wrought miracles for others too

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