February 23, 2020

Reetika Khera

  • Five Myths about Aadhar
    Five Myths about Aadhar

    And how to dispel these misconceptions using the government’s own data.

  • Thought For Food
    Thought For Food

    Even the worst-governed states can improve their PDS and ensure grain for the poorest. Look at Madhya Pradesh.

  • Whose Bharat Is It?
    Whose Bharat Is It?

    Social spend takes dive, gold-diamond industry gets boost...

  • The Meaning Of Vikas
    The Meaning Of Vikas

    The BJP government needs to understand that "vikas" means growth and development, not growth alone.

  • The Hills Aim Higher
    The Hills Aim Higher

    More government took Himachal near the top of development indices

  • Water For The Leeward India
    Water For The Leeward India

    As subsidies for the poor continue to be under attack, a ground-up report from 10-states shows how well...

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