March 03, 2021
Ramananda Sengupta

Ramananda Sengupta

Consultant Editor

  • A History Of Yielding
    A History Of Yielding

    Lax, emotional, fluffy, bully, correct but not ruthless... Definitions of India span the spectrum

  • Pardon, The Slip Shows
    Pardon, The Slip Shows

    The clemency clause comes to the rescue of the Russian crew, but security experts are irked

  • Daring Daliance
    Daring Daliance

    A young provincial mayor reflects the face of new China

  • Scaling The Great Wall
    Scaling The Great Wall

    There's a new willingness to talk and listen, but relations with China have a long way to go

  • Frozen Turbulence
    Frozen Turbulence

  • Borderline Warmth
    Borderline Warmth

    Bilateral ties are on the mend, but true Sino-Indian entente is still some way off

  • Hindi-Chini Bye Bye?
    Hindi-Chini Bye Bye?

    The Indo-US cosying up may have an equal and opposite spinoff: China-Pak bonding

  • Daughter’s Passion
    Daughter’s Passion

    Chelsea is there for nearly every Indian do and Indian food, from Bombay Club, is her favourite.

  • Spying On Buddha
    Spying On Buddha

    Looking for India’s N-installations? Just visit

  • A Call To Arms
    A Call To Arms

  • 'India Has A Hard Face But A Flabby Interior'
    'India Has A Hard Face But A Flabby Interior'

    Four India watchers in the US spoke to Outlook about the implications of the Kandahar episode Excerpts:

  • 'India's Become A Major Player'
    'India's Become A Major Player'

    It's India's biggest trading partner and the largest donor of grant funds. Yet, most Indians seem to only...

  • To Talk Or Not To Talk?
    To Talk Or Not To Talk?

    India doesn’t want to legitimise Pakistan’s junta-for now at least

  • Neighbourly Wars
    Neighbourly Wars

    India wastes no time in isolating Pakistan. But making SAARC the next theatre of action might not be in...

  • The French Correction
    The French Correction

    L’affaire maid may not affect Indo-French ties but it has definitely put egg on Indian diplomacy’s...

  • More Kudos, Less Bite
    More Kudos, Less Bite

    The ARF summit took the Indian line, even if it didn't seem so at first glance

  • Speaking In Many Tongues
    Speaking In Many Tongues

    Government representatives take differing stands on a probe

  • A Pyrrhic Victory
    A Pyrrhic Victory

    A bilateral solution seems distant. The US, wielding a stick over both nations, is the real winner.

  • Us, Them And The Us
    Us, Them And The Us

    The US is clear that it will not mediate, but there are fears in India that it could end up doing so

  • The Power Of Silence
    The Power Of Silence

    India's neighbours and NAM members refuse to ta ke sides, but the MEA says it's no cause for worry

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