July 26, 2021

Rajesh Joshi

  • Memoirs Of An Abyss
    Memoirs Of An Abyss

    Hope turns into despair for victims of state terror in Punjab

  • Dome of Darkness
    Dome of Darkness

    The Allahabad High Court cites a technicality, but the criminal cases against Advani & Co. aren't over yet

  • Judgement Day's Burden
    Judgement Day's Burden

    The Muslim leadership fights delayed justice, but will a court's verdict mend the tattered fabric?

  • The Debris Of Consensus
    The Debris Of Consensus

    The pro-Babri leadership, riven along degrees of flexibility, now grapples with a looming crisis

  • After A Pagan Slur
    After A Pagan Slur

    The Akal Takht's recent warning to the RSS indicates that coopting Sikhs is a difficult proposition

  • This Hindu Bomb Was A Dud
    This Hindu Bomb Was A Dud

    Sudarshan's critics within the parivar are out with their knives

  • The Tenuous Line Of Peace
    The Tenuous Line Of Peace

    A durable peace initiative must involve all the players in Kashmir

  • Land Of The Unquiet Dead
    Land Of The Unquiet Dead

    Post-Pandian inquiry, a two-man 'Outlook' team revisits Chitsinghpura—and finds no evidence against...

  • Season Of Bad Blood
    Season Of Bad Blood

    The RSS' minority-baiting is a double-edged sword-coerce minorities and blackmail the BJP

  • Footsoldier Fetish
    Footsoldier Fetish

    With assembly elections due soon in UP, the RSS tries to regroup to save the saffron flag

  • Inside A Naxal Den
    Inside A Naxal Den

    Recounting the story behind 12 days inside the banned naxalite PWG camp.

  • Papa Won't Preach
    Papa Won't Preach

    Forget Golwalkar. The Sangh backs the pro-Muslim noises but doesn’t know how to say so.

  • The Cowboys Head West
    The Cowboys Head West

    Lured by the promise of NRI greenbacks, the VHP plans a saffron yatra in the United States

  • Joint Ventures
    Joint Ventures

    Foreigners, in connivance with locals, are now growing and trading in hashish in Kulu-Manali

  • Mask Of Progress
    Mask Of Progress

    In elevating Bangaru Laxman to the president's post, two birds are killed with one stone

  • Third Umpire Rules
    Third Umpire Rules

    After a legal rebuff, now it's over to the cops

  • 'You Can't Make Money And Chant Vande Mataram'
    'You Can't Make Money And Chant Vande Mataram'

    The socialist in George Fernandes is getting restless, after having kept a low profile for a long time

  • "Fear Is The Only Answer To Anti-Nationals"
    "Fear Is The Only Answer To Anti-Nationals"

    Omkar Bhaway, VHP leader and abhibhavak (patron) of the Bajrang Dal, is categorical that the Dal does not...

  • Look Delhi, Aim Rome
    Look Delhi, Aim Rome

    Why was the PM’s trip to the Vatican a flop? Because back home, an army was training to kill two birds...

  • Shadowplays

    The Sangh parivar reminds the BJP who wears the pants

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