October 18, 2020

Raja Menon

  • Azerbaijan Diary
    Azerbaijan Diary

    Manicured sidewalks lined with flowerbeds, Caspian platter, local wine and Cognac: A first-person account of...

  • The Reborn Armada Of Cheng Ho
    The Reborn Armada Of Cheng Ho

    The ‘Indo-Pacific’ will be the theatre of this century’s biggest world rivalry

  • 3D Miniature
    3D Miniature

    Reads like a 19th century bioscope, built and designed in India, to show a Hindi movie with English subtitles

  • And Then There Was Ma
    And Then There Was Ma

    A 30-year survey of the urban Indian charts our ‘progress’ from the days of Chitrahaar to the present

  • Bangkok Diary
    Bangkok Diary

    Rawalpindi—that is, the army, for Islamabad means government—has given up the daft idea of evacuating the...

  • Just One Shark In The Deep Blue Ocean
    Just One Shark In The Deep Blue Ocean

    INS Arihant won’t end the N-submarine debate. It’s just started.

  • To Reclaim The Core
    To Reclaim The Core

    India's friable 'system' needs a refit. A few good men cannot cope with its systemic turpitude in vital areas.

  • Choleric Times
    Choleric Times

    A remarkable book, brilliant in content. It could become a monumental work with some serious editing.

  • Fissile Material
    Fissile Material

    It has finally happened—an Indian thriller of quality ... here comes India's Clancy or Ludlum or Forsyth.

  • Herr Eichmann Calling
    Herr Eichmann Calling

    Tehelka, India's Watergate, kicked up a storm, then knuckled down into a farce, and crept out on a tiptoe

  • Thhat's Pacific
    Thhat's Pacific

    For the amount of crime committed, there is a near-complete absence of menace. People get killed with a bland...

  • The Nuts Roll Down
    The Nuts Roll Down

  • Earnest Flemingway
    Earnest Flemingway

    There's much of Fleming in 007, including amorous pursuits and stunning love nests

  • Bali Highs
    Bali Highs

    More than being a mere travelogue, this is a very readable book capable of inciting the innocent reader to...

  • But Where Is The Book?
    But Where Is The Book?

    Declassified CIA papers are a better read than MoD narratives, but a structure would have been welcome

  • An Officer And 
A Businessman
    An Officer And A Businessman

    The Pakistan army is into business -- from banking to bakeries. It has eliminated market forces entirely.

  • His Science Had Soul
    His Science Had Soul

    A timely book that tries often successfully—to bring the personality of Vikram Sarabhai to life, most of...

  • Beastly End Of A Beauty
    Beastly End Of A Beauty

    The story of a gentle petite Indian girl in brutal captivity, who astonished friend and foe with her courage...

  • A Thieves' Spring
    A Thieves' Spring

  • First Information Report
    First Information Report

    Nehru's grandpa was Delhi's kotwal? This and other gems in this fine coffee-tabler.

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