June 24, 2021

Rahul Mahajan

  • Beyond Resistance
    Beyond Resistance

    The resistance in Fallujah will be beaten down, with the commission of more war crimes; if the United States...

  • Destroying To 'Save'
    Destroying To 'Save'

    Fallujah: A gentle, urbane man who spoke fluent English, Al-Nazzal, was beside himself with fury at the...

  • Opening The Gates Of Hell
    Opening The Gates Of Hell

    In Iraq, these gates are yawning wider than they ever have before -- at least for the United States. "Sunni...

  • Intelligence Failure
    Intelligence Failure

    Not quite in the sense Bushies would have you believe, though. The Democrats could contest the Bush...

  • Myths And Reality
    Myths And Reality

    It didn't contain the caliber of bald-faced, smoking-gun lies that we have come to expect from Bush, like the...

  • Hard Truths Remain
    Hard Truths Remain

    Saddam Hussein's capture and the hope he will be held accountable for crimes against the people of Iraq and...

  • Evasion, Invention, Obfuscation
    Evasion, Invention, Obfuscation

    Bush's shifting focus and recent emphasis on terrorist threat in Iraq begs an obvious question: If Iraq is...

  • Iraqi Liberation, Bush Style
    Iraqi Liberation, Bush Style

    If WMD and terrorist links fail as rationalizations for war, don't worry; let us now praise the liberation of...

  • The New Humanitarianism
    The New Humanitarianism

    On Iraq, it is clear: we had to destroy Iraq (over the past 12 years, not just the last few days) in order to...

  • Myths And Facts
    Myths And Facts

    This war is not the result of a failure of diplomacy. This war is not a pre-emptive war. This war is not...

  • Rebutting Colin Powell
    Rebutting Colin Powell

    If one believes everything he said to the Security Council yesterday, one's first response ought to be that...

  • The Other
    The Other "Good War"

    While the world busies itself with the impending war against Iraq, perhaps it's time to look at Afghanistan...

  • Bush The New Multilateralist
    Bush The New Multilateralist

    His UN speech characterises 'diplomacy' in the age of the American empire.

  • Ultra-Hawks Vs. Moderate Hawks
    Ultra-Hawks Vs. Moderate Hawks

    The question dominating the news: When will we go to war against Iraq? The answer: We are already at war with...

  • Iraq And The New Great Game
    Iraq And The New Great Game

    The United States seeks nothing less than the establishment of complete control over all significant sources...

  • Corporate Crimes And Their Bodycount
    Corporate Crimes And Their Bodycount

    Justice For Bhopal -- time to remember a crime that cost thousands their lives, as executives and politicians...

  • Why I Will Not Celebrate This Fourth of July
    Why I Will Not Celebrate This Fourth of July

    I am an American, and I take it seriously -- so seriously that I'm running for elective office, even so, I...

  • How About You, Mr. Bush?
    How About You, Mr. Bush?

    Arafat calls for democratic elections in the United States; world reaction is mixed, Tony Blair approves.

  • The State Of The Union And The New Cold War
    The State Of The Union And The New Cold War

    Not yet at the level of pamphlets on how to tell if your neighbor is a communist that characterized the...

  • Hearts And Minds: Avoiding A New Cold War
    Hearts And Minds: Avoiding A New Cold War

    The single most common question antiwar activists are confronted with is, "What's your solution?" Attempting...

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