December 03, 2020

Priya Sahgal

  • Walking On The Edge
    Walking On The Edge

    Despite the reverses, the BJP-led government at the Centre looks safe for now

  • Akbar Ahmad Dumpy
    Akbar Ahmad Dumpy

    On his return to the Congress party after a decade

  • (Mrs) Gang Of One
    (Mrs) Gang Of One

    The party president is forced into being the solo campaigner

  • Jet, Set, Don't Go
    Jet, Set, Don't Go

    An all-party sally against Pakistan falls prey to politics-as-usual

  • Love's Favours Lost
    Love's Favours Lost

    What prompted Robert Vadra to denounce his father and brother in a public notice: the UP elections or the...

  • The Poet Warrior
    The Poet Warrior

    Vajpayee treads the thin line between war rhetoric and restraint

  • Returns Of The Day
    Returns Of The Day

    Pawar's birthday politics earns him not-so-unexpected friends

  • LoPOTOmised Deal
    LoPOTOmised Deal

    Resistance, especially internal, forces a rethink on the ordinance

  • The Mrs G(rrrr)s
    The Mrs G(rrrr)s

    A biography is but another chapter in the long-running feud between the sisters-in-law

  • Press(ure) Tactics
    Press(ure) Tactics

    Vague definitions open to interpretation spell bad news for contrary reporting

  • B For Brand Ambassador
    B For Brand Ambassador

    Bachchan is the SP's new poster boy

  • Jumping The Gun?
    Jumping The Gun?

    Despite the inquiry against him, Fernandes gets his job back

  • The Grey Area
    The Grey Area

    Scindia's death creates a vacuum and also reinforces the image of a party led by a gerontocracy

  • What Can India Do?
    What Can India Do?

    Indian forces are kept on alert, should the need arise to help the US

  • The Man Who Couldn't Care
    The Man Who Couldn't Care

    Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik lives in his own private world, and even a calamity seems unable to...

  • Tata, Topi
    Tata, Topi

    If khadi is getting a designer makeover, can the khadi-clad be far behind? Welcome to the springtime of the...

  • Not Riding Into The Sunset Yet
    Not Riding Into The Sunset Yet

    The PM is willing to do battle, and the odds are still with him

  • All For The Other Parivar
    All For The Other Parivar

    Vajpayee is very sensitive when it comes to his office and family

  • A Subcontinental Chemistry Lesson
    A Subcontinental Chemistry Lesson

    The rapport the two leaders struck was no impediment for some tough stances and talking

  • (Ad)Vice Minister
    (Ad)Vice Minister

    Low-profile but high-powered: that's the new Arun Singh

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