July 28, 2021

Prayaag Akbar

  • Terminal
    Terminal Transformation

    A computer course costing Re 1 a day has enabled many girls to earn their bread

  • The Wild Ones
    The Wild Ones

    Indian adherents of the death-defying cult of speed worship Superbikes

  • Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
    Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

    One of UK's best-known columnists, she writes on politics and culture for major dailies like The Independent...

  • Karma Gypsies
    Karma Gypsies

    India is now a prime stop for 'gappers' mixing work, travel

  • Judith Brown
    Judith Brown

    The Oxford historian and author of eight books on India, including biographies of Nehru and Gandhi, on her...

  • Ajay Bedi
    Ajay Bedi

    He and twin brother Vijay shot the Cherub of the Mist. The film on the elusive Red Panda has fetched them the...

  • The Night-Errant
    The Night-Errant

    BPOs... Despite the screeching Qualises, fake accents and all, this sunrise industry gave us a bustling...

  • E-Nquilab Zindabad
    E-Nquilab Zindabad

    SMSes, candlelight vigils, online petitions —the new way to participate in a protest

  • Waris Ahluwalia
    Waris Ahluwalia

    A jewellery designer-turned-actor, he stars in the latest Spike Lee and Wes Anderson movies, alongside...

  • Kick And Tell
    Kick And Tell

    A new edition of the Cup, a new posse of thoroughbreds. Who'll be the star of 2006?

  • He's Got Oars
    He's Got Oars

    This Gandhi is a Columbus—he will be the first Asian to row across the Atlantic

  • Cash Down, But The Paint's Still Wet
    Cash Down, But The Paint's Still Wet

    A Bikash Bhattacharjee fake, record prices...Neville Tuli-organised auctions have it all

  • Shiva Keshawan
    Shiva Keshawan

    India’s first winter Olympian on his conflict with the Winter Games Federation of India

  • Mallika Sarabhai
    Mallika Sarabhai

    The celebrated dancer on the Vikram Sarabhai Arts Festival and the Ahmedabad theatre controversy

  • One For The Unknown Soldier
    One For The Unknown Soldier

    B.G. Verghese's band of eight launches an appeal to aid the kin of soldiers who die in peace time

  • Neal 'n' Nikki
    Neal 'n' Nikki

    Two hours of cleavage shots and swimsuit models might draw the crowds but the meagre plot and pathetic acting...

  • Bunty & Babli, Tailfins Up
    Bunty & Babli, Tailfins Up

    Even the aisles are taken at cabin crew schools. But not every mofussil kid gets to play angel in the skies.

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