May 18, 2021
Prashant Bhushan

Prashant Bhushan

Prashant Bhushan is a public interest lawyer in the Supreme Court.

  • Ending The Cycle Of Violence
    Ending The Cycle Of Violence

    Instead of talking about ‘sanitising’ or dominating the area where the Maoists operate, the immediate...

  • 'Ask Them If They Would Like To Recuse Themselves'
    'Ask Them If They Would Like To Recuse Themselves'

    Full text of the letter to Vice President of India regarding the 3 member enquiry committee appointed to...

  • 'My Honest And Bonafide Perception'
    'My Honest And Bonafide Perception'

    Full text of the affidavit by the noted campaigner for judicial accountability in response to the notice of...

  • L'Affaire Dinakaran
    L'Affaire Dinakaran

    The controversy has brought to the surface two old vexed questions: How to select and appoint judges? And...

  • Blowing The Whistle
    Blowing The Whistle

    The CVC has failed to be an institutional bulwark against corruption. The reason? Wrong appointments. It's...

  • Accountability, M'Lord
    Accountability, M'Lord

    Public disclosure of assets by judges may have been agreed upon, but the main problem remains: Absence of an...

  • Now Make It Binding
    Now Make It Binding

    Public disclosure of assets by judges is a welcome first step on the long and hard road to securing judicial...

  • Full Disclosure
    Full Disclosure

    Statement on the Proposed Bill on Declaration of Assets by Judges

  • Judging The Judges
    Judging The Judges

    Recent cases underline the need for independent Constitutional bodies for the appointment of judges as well...

  • Are Tougher Laws The Answer?
    Are Tougher Laws The Answer?

    No. Far from curbing terror, draconian laws used by a corrupt and communal police are creating conditions...

  • Beyond Terror
    Beyond Terror

    The public anger and outrage over the Mumbai terror attacks needs to be channelised. If that anger only fuels...

  • Courting Controversy
    Courting Controversy

    Has public interest litigation nowadays "largely become 'publicity interest litigation', 'private interest...

  • Cowards Who Caved In
    Cowards Who Caved In

    That's how history and future generations will remember us if we as a society do not show the nerve to...

  • Contempt Of Judicial Power
    Contempt Of Judicial Power

    Former Chief Justice of India Y.K. Sabharwal's defence becomes murkier -- rebutting the former CJI's...

  • Fear Of Contempt
    Fear Of Contempt

    Why was a story showing judicial misconduct at the highest places blacked out by the entire mainstream media?...

  • Contempt Of Justice
    Contempt Of Justice

    The case of former Chief Justice of India Y.K. Sabharwal presents disquieting facts that have very disturbing...

  • Reclaiming The Judicial System
    Reclaiming The Judicial System

    The judiciary has long been regarded as a holy cow. It is high time that the actions and judgments of judges...

  • Illusion Of Accountability
    Illusion Of Accountability

    The proposed bill to amend the Judges Inquiry Act and provide for the constitution of a National Judicial...

  • Retributive Violence By The State
    Retributive Violence By The State

    Capital punishment is no deterrence for those who are prepared to die anyway for a cause. This is in fact...

  • What They Don't Want You To Know
    What They Don't Want You To Know

    The PM has not outgrown his bureaucratic background. The PMO is being brazen and disingenuous in suggesting...

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