August 01, 2021

Pramila N. Phatarphekar

  • Navel Razing
    Navel Razing

    A new fitness fad, Pilates, beckons all forgotten muscles

  • 0h!

    The prosperity of India's middle class is showing: in its burgeoning waistline

  • Show Off Those Spots
    Show Off Those Spots

  • I Spy A New Fly
    I Spy A New Fly

    The Indian subcontinent is throwing up a number of new, previously unknown species

  • Dinner With Edwina
    Dinner With Edwina

    Shut after 1947, the viceroy's kitchen reopens once again

  • Shower Thyself Blind
    Shower Thyself Blind

    There's a bathroom in every house. But how many of them have a tornado in the shower?

  • A Jungle On Your Bookshelf
    A Jungle On Your Bookshelf

    Let your kid spend the summer in the lap of nature

  • Raw & The Cooked
    Raw & The Cooked

    It's an acquired taste, but the Far East is the new drool of the rich foodie. Sushi, sashimi, here we go.

  • Preening The Vista
    Preening The Vista

    The selfless activities of a band of villagers off Kota get Sarus figures soaring

  • A Mouthful Of India
    A Mouthful Of India

    A culinary osmosis between regions is tingling many palates. Our broadband dining category of Mughlai and...

  • Valmik Thapar
    Valmik Thapar

    Tiger conservationist and author on the threats to the natural India, before the launch of his books, Tiger,...

  • Sher-Gil Marg
    Sher-Gil Marg

    Tradition trapped them as Muse. Now many are buying the idea of art by women.

  • Sacred Threads
    Sacred Threads

    A homecoming for Indian textiles with 'mystic powers'

  • Can't Hide The Stripes
    Can't Hide The Stripes

    The Indian tiger gets a macabre afterlife in Tibet

  • Dr Karan Singh
    Dr Karan Singh

    The new president of India’s global art pulpit, the ICCR, profiles the future of cultural diplomacy.

  • Stop! Don't Swallow
    Stop! Don't Swallow

    Self-medication can have dangerous results. We all do it, and worse, the makers leave no fine print.

  • Slay Those Numbers
    Slay Those Numbers

    Schools are now using the abacus and other alternative means to help kids overcome their fear of mathematics

  • That Hunted Feeling
    That Hunted Feeling

    Our best biologists are being hounded and maligned so venal forest officials can keep their dirty secrets...

  • Nawabiyat At Its Nadir
    Nawabiyat At Its Nadir

    Afghan warlords for ancestors. Indian cricket's Prince Charming. But did all that mask a perverse side? He is...

  • Kirat Singh
    Kirat Singh

    Member of the month-old Junior Tiger Task Force, this young cub, a class VIII student at The Shri Ram School,...

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