July 10, 2020

Penny McDonald

  • Queen Of The Red-Necks
    Queen Of The Red-Necks

    Aborigines and Asians feel the heat as ex-barmaid Pauline Hanson makes inroads in Queensland

  • White Man's Anxiety
    White Man's Anxiety

    Immigration laws are tightened and thousands screened after an Indian student dies of TB

  • Ashes To Crashes, Dust To Dust
    Ashes To Crashes, Dust To Dust

    The unofficial world champs are expelled from Eden without even a figleaf

  • On A Whining Streak
    On A Whining Streak

    Warne's baked beans have grabbed the headlines, but Aussies find much besides to crib about

  • Picket Fences
    Picket Fences

    Aborigine rights become a prickly trade issue with Europe

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