June 19, 2021

Payal Kapadia

  • Early To Bed
    Early To Bed

    Teenagers grope with sex in a society steeped in secrecy

  • The Fake Lip Job
    The Fake Lip Job

    Air-kissing has arrived as a social greeting. The handshake is so last century and the namaste is solely the...

  • Little Minds, Big Queries
    Little Minds, Big Queries

    Our children are waking up to a new terror-stained reality. And they're asking questions.

  • Hotel Staffers
    Hotel Staffers

    It is the same story at both hotels. "The guest is first, the company second; we stand the last."

  • Tears And Sackcloth
    Tears And Sackcloth

    The Jewish sense of security in a home called India has been shattered forever

  • 'I Still Hear The Shots In My Head'
    'I Still Hear The Shots In My Head'

    A top banker who was entertaining senior financial people at a private dinner at the Taj's Golden Dragon...

  • The Thali Is Empty
    The Thali Is Empty

    Yet another Bombay institution, the Udipi restaurant, faces demise. No more Mysore Masala?

  • Who Wants To Be Shakira?
    Who Wants To Be Shakira?

    Govinda-style is passe. There's now method to filmi dancing, and a bit of hip-hop and salsa.

  • Let's Just Say, Extreme Ambivalence
    Let's Just Say, Extreme Ambivalence

    Outlook visits Aamby Valley, and comes back 'home' to the mess of Mumbai

  • Brussels Sprouts
    Brussels Sprouts

    If you're not counting calories or pennies, there's no better way for chocaholics to indulge their cravings

  • Tata Naani, Nanny's Home Today
    Tata Naani, Nanny's Home Today

    Trained nurses cushion the pains of motherhood for affluent Mumbaikars

  • Oh, Have I Seen This Man Somewhere?
    Oh, Have I Seen This Man Somewhere?

    I have lost my husband to Facebook. He's a stranger now who occasionally sends me hugs.

  • Man Can Cook
    Man Can Cook

    Honey, pass the curry leaves...or get out the carving knives. He's rolled up his sleeves, and gone into...

  • Papa Don't Bleach
    Papa Don't Bleach

    Men are leaving the skin-colour closet. It's a cosmetic enlightenment.

  • Positive Matches
    Positive Matches

    India's only marriage bureau for HIV-positive people brings some hope back in their lives

  • Susie Is Home
    Susie Is Home

    They look after the kids, and more. Indian au pairs are the new flavour in American homes.

  • Jessica Hines
    Jessica Hines

    Once linked to Aamir Khan, she is out with her first book, Bollywood, Bachchan and Me

  • Grape Expectations
    Grape Expectations

    Wine tourism, the new buzz, takes you to a vineyard to live the life of a grape

  • She's Got An Inner Life
    She's Got An Inner Life

    The itsy bitsy makes space, big brands vie for the Indian woman

  • The Lion's Lamb
    The Lion's Lamb

    The Marathas love their mutton—spicy, soft and rich

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