May 07, 2021

Pavan K. Varma

  • With Charvaka Rationalists
    With Charvaka Rationalists

    Tharoor’s earlier book locked horns with ascendant forces of Hindu bigotry. This useful primer on the...

  • The Dominos Are Set
    The Dominos Are Set

    If the BJP fails in the polls, it could have long-range effects

  • Still Not Gone To The Rats
    Still Not Gone To The Rats

    A tortured love with Patna, leavened with intimacy, is well told, but a misplaced despair for it is just...

  • Dehli, That Town Which Was
    Dehli, That Town Which Was

    Audacious in scale, the panorama made by Mazhar Ali Khan in 1846 gives a 360-degree perspective of the Red...

  • He Is Only A Camera
    He Is Only A Camera

    Ever the consummate reporter, Tully dutifully ploughs through all interest areas. What he lacks are opinions.

  • Gordian Knots
    Gordian Knots

    A professional and highly readable beginning, which will hopefully inspire other scholars to follow suit.

  • Inner Ring Road
    Inner Ring Road

    A furious itinerancy extracts both past shadows and extant charms from Delhi's forgotten nooks and crannies

  • Hear That Chug-Chug?
    Hear That Chug-Chug?

    Sometimes it takes the objectivity of a foreigner to see the potential within us. Lak holds up the light.

  • The Middle Comes First. It Happens, Hota Hai
    The Middle Comes First. It Happens, Hota Hai

    For the Indian middle class, at last it's time to eye the rewards

  • No One Belongs To The Bordello
    No One Belongs To The Bordello

    Revive Urdu. Else, our future generations will never know the eloquence of love, and poetry.

  • Living Statues Of Liberty
    Living Statues Of Liberty

    Liberalisation has made the middle class assertive. Now shed cynicism, and it can produce model citizens.

  • That Familiar Feeling
    That Familiar Feeling

    Does not tell us anything startingly new, but at least covers known ground in readable, even simplistic ways...

  • Coming Back Home
    Coming Back Home

    The first thing you notice when you reach Delhi is people. The second thing you notice is the noise....

  • Poet In The Marketplace
    Poet In The Marketplace

    Nasreen asks the right questions, and Javed answers with honesty. In the process, the reader learns...

  • Till Kingdom Come
    Till Kingdom Come

    The Peter Sellers' take is good for a few jaded laughs but jarring in a book which purports to explore the...

  • Strains Of Sensitivity
    Strains Of Sensitivity

  • To An Anglian Glade
    To An Anglian Glade

  • Nutty Lines
    Nutty Lines

    Simply worth a nibble

  • My Book of the Century
    My Book of the Century

  • Elusive Solutions
    Elusive Solutions

    Making sense of corruption

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