October 28, 2020

Paul Wilson

  • The Cup, The Spill
    The Cup, The Spill

    The Azzurri prevailed, but it was Zizou who bloodied the sunset

  • Romans 'N Gauls
    Romans 'N Gauls

    Finally, the Azzurri vs Les Bleus. Socc and awe, European style.

  • The Hangin' Judge Dread
    The Hangin' Judge Dread

    A tough FIFA codebook, zealously interpreted by the ref... it's yellow fever

  • Socc It To 'Em
    Socc It To 'Em

    Football's world order still brooks no pretenders

  • High Kraftwerk
    High Kraftwerk

    Is it the best World Cup ever? Given the soccer and spirit, maybe.

  • Garland Of Edelweiss
    Garland Of Edelweiss

    The English tried, but the Germans didn't rise to any taunt; Teamgeist isn't just a ball

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