August 05, 2021

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta

  • Opinion | False Equivalence, Tokenism And The 'Both-sides' Journalism Debate
    Opinion | False Equivalence, Tokenism And The 'Both-sides' Journalism Debate

    While books have been written on the subject, the question continues to be raised: Does the right to free...

  • Doc, We’re In Trouble
    Doc, We’re In Trouble

    Healthcare, India’s great failure, has formed fearful, ugly scabs. This is an unflinching look.

  • National News As Private Party
    National News As Private Party

    A TV journalist burnt his fingers in a Gupta brothers’ venture in Zuma’s South Africa. His pacy account...

  • Turn Of The Apparatchik
    Turn Of The Apparatchik

    Bidwai’s last book is a passionate analysis of the Left’s loss of relevance

  • Why I Love <i>Outlook</i>
    Why I Love Outlook

    My weekly fix of left-wing liberalism coupled with large dollops of masala sex and mirchi violence.

  • Notes On The Margin
    Notes On The Margin

    Highly recommended reading, not only for those who are part of the media in India but those who are not as...

  • In Our Gaseous State
    In Our Gaseous State

    Exclusive extracts from a new book on the KG Basin gas controversy reveals for the first time the views of...

  • Not Only About Saints
    Not Only About Saints

    When we were callow young Stephanians during the Emergency

  • Carrots? Here’s A Stick!
    Carrots? Here’s A Stick!

    The PM, Raja, TRAI, telecom firms... the apex court lets no one off the hook

  • The Priming Of A Scion
    The Priming Of A Scion

    Not quite an ‘authoritative’ biography, simply because it comes a bit too early

  • Many Openings
    Many Openings

    More than mere autobiography, this book encompasses a large slice of contemporary history

  • Cut-Rate Democracy
    Cut-Rate Democracy

    Pay and they will publish you. It’s a short stop to doomsday from here for our media.

  • 'Paid News': The Buried Report
    'Paid News': The Buried Report

    The report they don't want you to read. Full text of the controversial report by the Press Council of India's...

  • Is The Doctor In?
    Is The Doctor In?

    Tell-tale flotsam establishes A. Raja’s culpability in the telecom scam

  • A Love of Maya
    A Love of Maya

    Not an "official" biography but the author, more than just a grudging admirer of Mayawati, takes us on a...

  • Their Precious Puzzles
    Their Precious Puzzles

    WPI, the official barometer to measure inflation, doesn't reflect retail realities

  • Ex & Y Factor
    Ex & Y Factor

    Is India's top science man, R.A. Mashelkar, guilty of compromising national interest, and misusing status for...

  • Foment In RIGzone
    Foment In RIGzone

    Is ONGC a victim? Should private players be favoured? A rift flares up.

  • Karachi Jalwa
    Karachi Jalwa

    The KSE was voted "best performing" for four years. Is it ready for the big league?

  • Deng Puffs 555
    Deng Puffs 555

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