February 19, 2020

Padmanand Jha

  • DMK The Frontrunner
    DMK The Frontrunner

    Rao's alliance with Jayalalitha may rock the ruling state government's boat

  • Election Without An Issue
    Election Without An Issue

    Despite Seshan's smoking gun, the campaign circus steals into the Indian small town

  • A Prime Minister In The Making?
    A Prime Minister In The Making?

  • All Naked In This Hamaam
    All Naked In This Hamaam

    The common voter has tried to keep the democratic fibre of the country alive and vibrant. But now there is a...

  • In The Shadow Of The Gun
    In The Shadow Of The Gun

    The NC opts out, counter-insurgents float parties, and the common people wonder how many will fall victim

  • Still A Three-horse Race
    Still A Three-horse Race

    The Congress is ahead in the electoral sweepstakes, with the BJP close behind. But the large number of...

  • Poll Handbook
    Poll Handbook

    A psephologist's delight

  • Judiciary Takes Over
    Judiciary Takes Over

    The abdication of responsibility by Parliament and the executive has forced a burst of judicial activism—on...

  • The Pair-Off Season Is On
    The Pair-Off Season Is On

    With the hawala dust still not settled, national parties get on to the pre-poll business of finding regional...

  • The Boomerang Effect
    The Boomerang Effect

    The Jain hawala case has created a turmoil in the Indian political scenario. Almost every party has been...

  • Targeting The  Messenger
    Targeting The Messenger

    The press is under siege from the militants and the security forces

  • Endorsing Hindutva
    Endorsing Hindutva

    The Supreme Court verdict in the Manohar Joshi case raises fears that the next poll campaigns will witness...

  • Where Is The ‘indian Hand’?
    Where Is The ‘indian Hand’?

    Close your eyes and night has fallen, Chavan's views on Kashmir

  • A Hearsay Biography
    A Hearsay Biography

    A weak portraiture of Advani, marked by communal bias

  • Who Will The Muslims Vote For?
    Who Will The Muslims Vote For?

    An opinion poll reveals there is little change in the minds of Muslim voters

  • A Failed Gambit
    A Failed Gambit

    The Centre's loss of face in Kashmir could be Farooq Abdullah's gain. He may have redeemed himself by...

  • The Die Is Cast
    The Die Is Cast

    Rao cedes ground to Farooq, but will his gamble pay off?

  • Will The Valley Vote?
    Will The Valley Vote?

    With prominent Kashmiri leaders threatening to stay away, the planned state polls could trigger off...

  • Carving Up The Valley
    Carving Up The Valley

    Renegade militant groups declare war on the Hizbul Mujahideen and Jamaat-i-Islami

  • Where Errors Reign, Kalashnikovs Bloom
    Where Errors Reign, Kalashnikovs Bloom

    The average Kashmiri is tired of both New Delhi and Islamabad

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