January 21, 2021

Padma Rao Sundarji

  • A House For Tamils
    A House For Tamils

    ‘We don’t mean that we don’t appreciate all this development,’ he said softly. ‘But, madam, we...

  • The Fury Is Unsound
    The Fury Is Unsound

    Some quiet, please: the Tamils and Sinhalas are rebuilding

  • The Shallow Graves Of Lot
    The Shallow Graves Of Lot

    The threat of violence and New Delhi’s continued neglect could pull out J&K’s democracy by its roots

  • Walmart? Nein, Danke!
    Walmart? Nein, Danke!

    A failure in Germany, will the retailer survive here?

  • The Crab Knows The Way
    The Crab Knows The Way

    Boundaries and political affiliations crumble at the cancer ward

  • Delhi Was, Delhi Is
    Delhi Was, Delhi Is

    It was a Delhi of rides aboard DTC's route 220 to get to St Stephen's for an early morning 'tute', of being...

  • Fear Of Flying
    Fear Of Flying

  • Grave Destination
    Grave Destination

  • Mineral Waters
    Mineral Waters

  • An Indian Summer
    An Indian Summer

    It's The New Yorker's turn to celebrate subcontinental writing

  • Stylish Raconteur
    Stylish Raconteur

    Gita Mehta's latest hardhitting tome on modern India, 'Snakes and Ladders', reflects the bestselling...

  • Conversion Controversy
    Conversion Controversy

    A proposed bill to allow immigration only for ‘legitimate’ Jews has ruffled the Diaspora

  • Hitting A Sanctuary
    Hitting A Sanctuary

    Letter bombs at the UN underline the world body's vulnerability

  • Consensus Candidate
    Consensus Candidate

    The quiet and unassuming Kofi Annan faces an uphill task as he takes over from Boutros-Ghali

  • Washington’s Veto Vendetta
    Washington’s Veto Vendetta

    The US finds itself isolated on a second term for Boutros-Ghali

  • Battle For Peace
    Battle For Peace

    The UN meet fails to get any nearer to an Afghan solution

  • Stone Age Memorabilia
    Stone Age Memorabilia

    A cinematic slice of classic rock 'n' roll, retrieved from the debris of the '60s:courtesy Rolling Stones

  • At The Un, Money Talks
    At The Un, Money Talks

    New Delhi needs to rethink its foreign policy after its disastrous bid for a Security Council berth

  • Yogi Turned Celebrity Evangelist
    Yogi Turned Celebrity Evangelist

  • With Shoestrings Attached
    With Shoestrings Attached

    As Ghali opens perhaps his last General Assembly, the UN finds itself battered, bruised and broke

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