June 24, 2021

Oswald Pereira

  • C:\≫ Enter India
    C:\≫ Enter India

    The year is AD 1997.The planet is entirely occupied by Microsoft.Well, not entirely...India can definitely...

  • Indian Odyssey 2001
    Indian Odyssey 2001

    Enron’s $10-billion proposal to tackle India’s future power needs raises more doubts than hope

  • Subtracted By $15.7 Billion?
    Subtracted By $15.7 Billion?

    A price- rigging game in India’s trade with the US may have led to a huge flight of capital—...

  • The Iridium Link
    The Iridium Link

    Talk, page or fax data to any destination on Earth from a handset

  • An Area Of Darkness
    An Area Of Darkness

    It's a bleak scenario. Countrywide. And if the Government doesn't put its power house in order, and that too...

  • On The Mat
    On The Mat

    MAT is on the way out.The question is when?

  • Don't Panic
    Don't Panic

    Industry is depressed, bourses collapse, marketers face falling sales. Everyone dreads the R-word. Are they...

  • Filtering The Scandal
    Filtering The Scandal

    Politicians feel that the ITC case highlights the need for a rethink on outdated laws

  • Too Fast To Succeed
    Too Fast To Succeed

    The Centre's hasty bids to delegate power project clearances to the states will lead to more chaos and delay

  • Awaiting The Fi Ascent To Dissent
    Awaiting The Fi Ascent To Dissent

    The $100-million ITC fraud highlights the need for FIs to play watchdog and maintain shareholders’...

  • Virtually Real Wonders
    Virtually Real Wonders

    By pricing its latest product O2 competitively, Silicon Graphics widens horizons for visual computing

  • ITC's Moment Of Reckoning
    ITC's Moment Of Reckoning

    The Government's brutal crackdown leaves corporate India shell-shocked

  • On Different Wavelengths
    On Different Wavelengths

    The telecom tangle seems far from resolved with projects facing unviability and a financial crunch

  • Going Around In Circles
    Going Around In Circles

    The big issues in the scam are being buried in the maze of documents under investigation

  • Sheer Energy
    Sheer Energy

    GVK Industries generates the first megawatt of private power, overtaking big players like Enron, AES and the...

  • Uncertain Future
    Uncertain Future

    Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater

  • The Tip Of The Iceberg
    The Tip Of The Iceberg

    The money recovered may be just loose change. Estimates suggest Rs 1,500 crore was paid in kickbacks.

  • Static On The Line Again
    Static On The Line Again

    Basic telecom privatisation suffers a setback as DoT slaps high interconnection charges

  • Connectivity, Links Unlimited
    Connectivity, Links Unlimited

    Networking is the hot new sunrise industry in Indian infotech

  • Mobile Freebies Galore
    Mobile Freebies Galore

    But read the fine print before you sign up

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