January 27, 2021
Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

  • Electoral Alternatives
    Electoral Alternatives

    We learn very little of any significance from the elections, but we can learn a lot from the studies of...

  • The Reagan Era
    The Reagan Era

    Reagan's duty was to smile, to read from the teleprompter in a pleasant voice, tell a few jokes, and keep the...

  • Doctrines And Visions
    Doctrines And Visions

    Who is to run the world, and how? What has happened to Iraqis? And whatever happened to the 'war on terror'?...

  • The Predictable Present
    The Predictable Present

    Commentary on Haiti, Iraq, and other "failed societies" is quite right in stressing the importance of...

  • A Wall As A Weapon
    A Wall As A Weapon

    At most, the Hague hearings will end in an advisory ruling that the wall is illegal. It will change nothing....

  • After The War
    After The War

    What has happened before, if we escape the domination of the doctrine of change of course, can be expected to...

  • The Doctrine Of Change Of Course
    The Doctrine Of Change Of Course

    It is a trap deeply rooted in the intellectual culture generally - invoked in the United States every two or...

  • Old Versus New Europe
    Old Versus New Europe

    The governments of Old and New Europe were distinguished by a simple criterion: a government joined Old...

  • Dilemmas Of Dominance
    Dilemmas Of Dominance

    Violence is a powerful instrument of control, as history demonstrates. But the dilemmas of dominance are not...

  • 'The Supreme Crime'
    'The Supreme Crime'

    Preventive war is, very simply, the supreme crime that was condemned at Nuremberg ... Lowering the criteria...

  • Wars On Terror
    Wars On Terror

    A senior defense analyst gave a simple gloss: others will 'respect us for our toughness and won't mess with...

  • Deep Concerns
    Deep Concerns

    At this grim moment, we can do nothing to stop the ongoing invasion. But that does not mean that the task is...

  • No To War
    No To War

    The most powerful state in history has proclaimed that it intends to control the world by force, the...

  • Human Rights Week 2002
    Human Rights Week 2002

    The week opened on the eve of Human Rights Day, Dec. 10, at St. Paul's Cathedral in London, where thousands...

  • A Modest Proposal
    A Modest Proposal

    Encouraging Iran to invade Iraq, providing them with the necessary logistic and military support, from a safe...

  • Mirror Crack'd
    Mirror Crack'd

    The effect of 9/11 was much the same as the cause: a morally-void, global soliloquy of power

  • Terror And Just Response
    Terror And Just Response

    Though terrorism is rightly feared everywhere, and is indeed an intolerable "return to barbarism,"...

  • Constructive Action?
    Constructive Action?

    The basic problem traces back to Washington, which has persistently backed Israel's rejection of a political...

  • US-Israel-Palestine

    The US continues to "enhance terror," to borrow the President's words, by providing Israel with the means for...

  • The War In Afghanistan
    The War In Afghanistan

    Online version with notes -- excerpted from Lakdawala lecture, New Delhi, during recent India visit --...

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