November 30, 2020

Nivedita Mukherjee

  • Those Flying Kisses
    Those Flying Kisses

    Indian industry drags its feet over affirmative action

  • Life Is A Two-Way Street
    Life Is A Two-Way Street

    Barring roads, it's a long trip for the others

  • India Inclusive? So Be It
    India Inclusive? So Be It

    Corporate honchos tend to see opportunities missed, but the positi ves grow on them

  • Resting Spanners
    Resting Spanners

    Industry is facing a slump—and a talent crunch makes it worse

  • Acquiring More Than A Business
    Acquiring More Than A Business

    India Inc picks up some people skills as it realises that skillful handling of people post mergers proves...

  • She's Not On Board
    She's Not On Board

    Traditional, family-held boardrooms are the last frontiers for Eve

  • The Gamekeepers
    The Gamekeepers

    Big boys and playthings, the screen lights up

  • People, The Real Tree
    People, The Real Tree

    Indian corporates master the game of takeovers. But integrating people? That's tough business.

  • A Row Revs Up
    A Row Revs Up

    Patents have fuelled spars, the Bajaj-TVS is the latest instance

  • Practice Makes Theory
    Practice Makes Theory

    They're not IIMs, but their real lesson is the example they set.

  • Burn The Tarmac
    Burn The Tarmac

    Luxury auto brands are on a bull run. Your dream Jaguar will only be a cheque away.

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