May 17, 2021

Nitya Rao

  • Richard C. Levin
    Richard C. Levin

    The president of Yale University on their recently announced India Initiative

  • Ink Fresh On Their Passport, Only News Comes Back Home
    Ink Fresh On Their Passport, Only News Comes Back Home

    Parents in Andhra Pradesh grieve the death of their children killed under mysterious circumstances in the US

  • A Man For All Reasons
    A Man For All Reasons

    Big-city girls now find out that there's nobody like their gay buddy: the man to hang out with, without the...

  • The Bean Goes Bananas
    The Bean Goes Bananas

    It's the dawn of a new coffee era, miles from the instant world

  • Smokin' Gudugud
    Smokin' Gudugud

    Indian bands finally find a voice. It is the music of the land.

  • The Top Seeds
    The Top Seeds

    Rich like us? Your kids could travel business class to the c'ships.

  • Taut As A Bow String
    Taut As A Bow String

    Vardhineni Pranitha takes aim at an archery medal in Beijing, inspires an Andhra hamlet

  • Gourmet Gruel
    Gourmet Gruel

    If it can pull up its socks quickly, Chi holds enough promise to revive many a jaded palate.

  • Planet Hyderabad
    Planet Hyderabad

    Its good looks are no trap. Shamshabad has facilities that give you a pre-flight thrill.

  • Monsoon Sylphs
    Monsoon Sylphs

    Indian industry, if not the Indian psyche, has shed its bias towards fair skin

  • Getting There?
    Getting There?

    Is the end of Delhi's transport hell in sight? There are many questions. The authorities offer a traffic jam...

  • Theatrewallah

    ...on his time spent as Director of the National School of Drama, and his impressive photo collection

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