June 17, 2021

Neha Bhatt

  • Sita Makes Her Stand
    Sita Makes Her Stand

    Recent events lead to a surge in strong, visceral women-based plays

  • Fall Into The Honey Trap
    Fall Into The Honey Trap

    Lewd beginnings apart, the rapper’s growing on his audience as well as Bollywood

  • ‘Bangalore’s Chaos, Energy Fascinate Me’
    ‘Bangalore’s Chaos, Energy Fascinate Me’

    On the Eng­lish translation of his play, Benda Kaalu on Toast, the city he lives in, and more

  • Me, Myself & A Book
    Me, Myself & A Book

    Deserving or not, many are adding a book to their name

  • A Lotaful Of Mishti Doi
    A Lotaful Of Mishti Doi

    If you’re one for atmospherics paired with earthy food, Cafe Lota’s the place to linger on a sunny winter...

  • Bom Bhole!
    Bom Bhole!

    Joint effort needed to revive ganja’s image in India

  • Aravan’s Bride
    Aravan’s Bride

    Hampi’s ruins stand in for the wounded history of Sumitra’s people

  • Q Has A Few New Rules
    Q Has A Few New Rules

    The LGBT community says they are out, and an SC ruling can’t put their spirit back in the closet

  • Don’t Hold Hands
    Don’t Hold Hands

    Gay is criminal again. LGBTs numb. The SC regresses on Sec 377.

  • Hear That Shebang?
    Hear That Shebang?

    Ignore it at your own peril. It’s only going to grow louder still.

  • The Roving Editor?
    The Roving Editor?

    The media needs to look honestly at how it treats sexual harassment in its own offices

  • The Marital Arts Channel
    The Marital Arts Channel

    A TV channel makes marriage a serious business, beaming it 24x7 on the tube

  • Gary Mehigan
    Gary Mehigan

    The chef and host speaks on his Indian food adventures

  • For You, Cuisine Do... No Pyaza
    For You, Cuisine Do... No Pyaza

    High onion prices? Try out recipes that eschew the thing!

  • Eighteen Yellow Roses In A Bouquet
    Eighteen Yellow Roses In A Bouquet

    Thoughts from eighteen 18-year-olds who have much to prove, to themselves and to the generations before them....

  • Pulkit Madan, Lucknow
    Pulkit Madan, Lucknow

    Born November 14, 1995

  • Umesh Prasad, Delhi
    Umesh Prasad, Delhi

    Born July 24, 1995

  • The Djembe Folks
    The Djembe Folks

    Eighteen ain’t so angsty. A new parent-child jam band is minding the gap.

  • Nabeel Quadri, Ahmedabad
    Nabeel Quadri, Ahmedabad

    Born May 24, 1995

  • Ritu Saini, Rohtak
    Ritu Saini, Rohtak

    Born April 10, 1995

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