August 03, 2021

Neha Bhatt

  • Three Women, And A Glimpse Of Divinity
    Three Women, And A Glimpse Of Divinity

    About mothers and daughters and their fragile and often fraught bond.

  • F-1/105

    Sharp observations of life in a metro are engaging as the director toys with the theme of colour and its...

  • Mojo Has Left The Building
    Mojo Has Left The Building

    Charles Correa is dead. So it seems is Indian architecture. At odds with its milieu, imitative, and totally...

  • How To Wear A Baby
    How To Wear A Baby

    No longer the simple task it once was, parenting now means micromanaging child-rearing

  • 2014: Theatre
    2014: Theatre

    A range of intense, women-oriented plays, many focusing on gender-based violence.

  • The Quest For Potter Luck
    The Quest For Potter Luck

    The 15-25-year age group is a rich lode, but it can prove difficult to strike

  • That Inward-Looking Mirror
    That Inward-Looking Mirror

    A ‘jocular’ ad campaign to shore up Parsi numbers raises hackles with its old, gender-skewed tropes of...

  • Chiranjit Parmar, 75
    Chiranjit Parmar, 75

    For any trivia on nature’s bounty, the veteran fruit scientist is your man. But call him on the landline,...

  • Harikishan Verma, 45
    Harikishan Verma, 45

    The local Congress spokesman hasn’t lost heart over his party’s losses

  • Come On, Make The Call
    Come On, Make The Call

    A little bit about the many parallel worlds we live in, drawn together by the collective buzz of the phone

  • Harkirat Ahluwalia, 40
    Harkirat Ahluwalia, 40

    Farmstay owner Harkirat hopes one day this Punjabi town will make a mark on the tourist trail

  • Ruchika Gupta, 33
    Ruchika Gupta, 33

    The PR professional is busy Whatsapping on her season special

  • Asleep In Jacob’s Room
    Asleep In Jacob’s Room

    Hailed as the new Jhumpa Lahiri, Jacob soars with a voice entirely her own, less bleak and more vibrant.

  • Five-Spice Mix (And The Remix)
    Five-Spice Mix (And The Remix)

    The ‘Plain Jane of Indian food’ is actually a delicate, native diva—and the palanquin beckons

  • ‘Illiberalism Will Destroy Our Ecology Of Ideas’
    ‘Illiberalism Will Destroy Our Ecology Of Ideas’

    On the sad break with the tradition of embracing polyphonic, unorthodox ideas

  • All Ain’t In The Family
    All Ain’t In The Family

    When it comes to political loyalties, families remain divided

  • Singing It Loud
    Singing It Loud

    The SC verdict has set transgenders ‘free’. It grants them a political role beyond symbolism.

  • The Next Station
    The Next Station

    As elections near, what are the influences and issues playing on the mind of the electorate?

  • Nagma Enigma
    Nagma Enigma

    On the roadshow with the Congress runner

  • Jon P. Fine
    Jon P. Fine

    Amazon’s director, author and publishing relations, on the joys and pitfalls of self-publishing

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