November 30, 2020

Narayan D. Keshavan

  • The Man Who Shook Washington
    The Man Who Shook Washington

    AS American sleuths and counter-terrorism experts combed the debris for clues and evidence in Nairobi

  • The Sword Of Jehad
    The Sword Of Jehad

    Saudi millionaire Osama Bin Laden wages a holy war against the 'evil' West

  • Nuclear Hardsell For $750,000
    Nuclear Hardsell For $750,000

    Post-Pokhran, India hires four lobbying firms, two prominent US politicians. Will they deliver?

  • Celebrations On Hold
    Celebrations On Hold

    Indian-Americans worry a waiver may be a double-edged sword

  • Mystifying Spy
    Mystifying Spy

  • Doubly Damned
    Doubly Damned

    The government feels markets are overreacting to Moody's downgrade. It's hopelessly wrong.

  • Not That Bad After All
    Not That Bad After All

    America's business community is by and large happy with the final toned-down sanctions

  • An Evangelist In The Big Apple
    An Evangelist In The Big Apple

    Jaswant Singh's attempt to resurrect ties bears mixed results

  • Slipping Up On The Sixth Test
    Slipping Up On The Sixth Test

    Put off by the ambiguity on foreign players, American investors declare the Budget dead on arrival

  • Long-Distance Love
    Long-Distance Love

    Influential Indian Americans flex their sinews against sanctions on the homeland

  • How Tough Is Tough?
    How Tough Is Tough?

    While the US mulls over sanction specifics, India has become a pawn in US domestic policy

  • Now, Defuse
    Now, Defuse

    Can the budget meet the challenge of curbs

  • India's 'Honest Abe'
    India's 'Honest Abe'

    Narayanan receives a rare honour and meets US heavyweights

  • Give Some, Get Some
    Give Some, Get Some

    States discover true federalism as they approach the World Bank directly for reform-linked aid

  • Swadeshi Goes Global
    Swadeshi Goes Global

    A lot of confusion, a little cynicism and much enthusiasm greet Yashwant Sinha on his US trip

  • Saffron Begets No Moody Blues
    Saffron Begets No Moody Blues

    US investors suspend scepticism about a BJP government

  • Our Man In Baghdad
    Our Man In Baghdad

    Prakash Shah's appointment as UN envoy to Iraq is seen as a move to undercut US influence

  • Saffron Across The Seven Seas
    Saffron Across The Seven Seas

    The BJP's overseas units try to increase the party's acceptability

  • Ragas In Outer Space
    Ragas In Outer Space

    Kalpana Chawla brings strains of India into outer space

  • Three To Tango
    Three To Tango

    A special US 'envoy' on Tibet puts India in a Catch-22 situation

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