July 29, 2021
Nandan Nilekani

Nandan Nilekani

  • NonAlignment 2.0
    NonAlignment 2.0

    A foreign and strategic policy for India in the twenty first century

  • We Have Your Number
    We Have Your Number

    Opponents of Aadhaar have included advocates of privacy rights. The number however, is linked to limited...

  • We, The Innumerable
    We, The Innumerable

    An identity, a window to benefits, the final frontier of inclusion that will transform lives

  • A Big Bang Approach
    A Big Bang Approach

    Negotiation and accommodation, that’s our strength

  • Building A Green Economy
    Building A Green Economy

    The big question for India here is how it can reconcile its own goals with the aim of building an effective...

  • India, By Its People
    India, By Its People

    Our huge population is not an economic albatross. Today, India's growth story is increasingly the story of...

  • From Bangalore One To Country One
    From Bangalore One To Country One

    How Information and communications technology can be a tool for wide ranging reform and innovation in the...

  • Songs Of Expectation
    Songs Of Expectation

    Knowledge of and hope from the economy are at an all-time high in India

  • The Invisible Cities
    The Invisible Cities

    Towns should have power to levy taxes, raise money from markets

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