October 18, 2020

Nalin Mehta

  • The New Media Moguls
    The New Media Moguls

    For many businessmen, the driving force seems to be ego as much as political influence.

  • Who Owns The News And Why
    Who Owns The News And Why

    Politicians, real estate, chit funds and large corporations now have deep stakes in the majority of the news...

  • Chasing A Dream
    Chasing A Dream

    Is a successful London 2012 possible for India? Or will a sports culture remain an illusion with India not...

  • When Olympic Sports Lost Out
    When Olympic Sports Lost Out

    Until the early 1980s, cricket was not the most pre-eminent Indian game. It was popular but hockey was the...

  • Hitler's Games
    Hitler's Games

    Berlin Olympics of 1936 finally put to rest the question mark against India's hockey supremacy. Exclusive...

  • 'The World's Best Centre-Forward'
    'The World's Best Centre-Forward'

    Dhyan Chand scored 14 of India's 29 goals in Amsterdam.

  • The Golden Years
    The Golden Years

    Between 1928 and 1956, India won six straight Olympic gold medals and 24 consecutive matches, a record likely...

  • When The Spokes Came Off
    When The Spokes Came Off

    Nothing epitomizes the early battles between Indian sport administrators better than the case of Indian...

  • 'A Continent As Big As Europe'
    'A Continent As Big As Europe'

    The YMCA's early role in the Indian Olympic movement cannot be emphasized enough. Its national network...

  • Peasants On The Athletics Track
    Peasants On The Athletics Track

    To Sir Dorab Tata goes the credit of starting systematic Olympic activity on Indian soil in 1920

  • Whose Champions?
    Whose Champions?

    It is the ICC's mini-World Cup but there is no enthusiasm for it in the country of the current World...

  • A Metaphor For Life
    A Metaphor For Life

    Cricket, in the Gramscian sense, is now a central pillar of the cultural superstructure of India. Bollywood...

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