April 16, 2021

Murali Krishnan

  • The Battle For Final Redemption
    The Battle For Final Redemption

  • After The Guns Have Fallen Silent
    After The Guns Have Fallen Silent

    The CVC report on defence deals hasn't been tabled in the Parliament. Does it have bullets the government...

  • The Hook Of Revelations
    The Hook Of Revelations

    Cronje knew more than he revealed. Did his death have anything to do with that?

  • Best Case Scenario
    Best Case Scenario

    NHRC takes an unprecedented step in righting a wrong Updates

  • The Vale Slips
    The Vale Slips

    Fidayeen attacks assume a new dimension as our top brass pays for a security lapse Updates

  • Searing Test
    Searing Test

    Twice bitten, the Shankaracharya still believes he can play a role in Ayodhya

  • Something To Take Offence?
    Something To Take Offence?

    A US report indicts our lumbering bureaucracy for its lackadaisical attitude on the Indo-US military front

  • J&K Confidential
    J&K Confidential

    The arrest of six cops in the Lone killing exposes the police-militant nexus

  • Bullets In The Blizzard
    Bullets In The Blizzard

    There is cynicism on the world's most formidable battlefield as India and Pakistan talk peace once again. For...

  • Chasing Osama In Cyber Alleys
    Chasing Osama In Cyber Alleys

  • Burden Of Peace
    Burden Of Peace

    Was India's largest peacetime deployment initiative -- at immense human and monetary cost -- really worth it?

  • Willow Wilt
    Willow Wilt

    A fratricidal frenzy, a lost patron. Is it the end of the road for the Hizbul?

  • Vicarious Pursuits
    Vicarious Pursuits

    The Vaiko episode in the SC may bust POTA clause, shake up political alignments

  • A Death In The Family
    A Death In The Family

    The Nadimarg killings have the Mufti in a bind. Whither the 'healing touch'? Updates

  • The Devil On The Beat
    The Devil On The Beat

    The new anti-terrorism act is a by word for abuse, especially in Jharkhand. Remember TADA?

  • Taking On The Econo-Terrs
    Taking On The Econo-Terrs

    A spate of white-collar crimes leads to the setting up of the Serious Fraud Investigation Office

  • Chunnel Visions
    Chunnel Visions

    Intelligence pulls up its socks but hawala-fed separatists may still find a way to beat the law More Coverage

  • On The Company Account
    On The Company Account

    Shetty's murder may lead to a shake-up in the betting cartels. Is it advantage Chhota Rajan?

  • The Borderliners
    The Borderliners

    Illegal Indian immigrants to EU find friends in the Russian mafia

  • 'Hoodlums Shouldn't Become Judges'
    'Hoodlums Shouldn't Become Judges'

    The leading criminal lawyer and Rajya Sabha MP on the Shiv Sena/Bal Thackeray attacks on his representing Dec...

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